Monday, June 15, 2009

End of the Season

Last week the boys played (and won!) their last game of the season and then had their pizza party on Friday night. Even though it has been a busy few months, we were all sad to see it come to an end.

It really was a GREAT season. The coaches were all wonderful! (Including daddy! ;) ) The boys were excited to have been chosen by their old coach, from two years back (they didn't play last year, due to our trip to Nebraska). He put together (they had to try out) a great group of boys this year. But then, with a name like St. Louis Cardinals, how could they not be a great team?!?

The boys will really miss their friends from the team. Especially the other two coach's sons.

The main coach's wife, who was also our "Team Mom" told me that her son asked her if he could spend the night at his best friend's home. She, not aware that he had a "best friend" asked who that was and he replied, "(Captain) and (Rascal), OF COURSE!" I thought that was sweet! Now, we don't really do sleepovers, but we will have to have him over to play sometime soon. =)

I LOVE the trophies! The Team Mom let us vote for our favorite, and I was excited to see that it ended up being the one I had chosen. Aren't they great?!

Next year the boys will be able to move up to "Player Pitch" Little League. (This year the coaches pitched to the boys.) They are growing up so fast! It won't be long till Snuggles will be playing too!

He can't wait!!!


  1. Thats so cool.. Congrats to your boys and do take care of yourself now that the gaming season is over.

  2. Snuggles is a winner ...already to go and waiting to happen!........wait until he is on that mound! Oh joy of joys! If you think that smile is a mile wide now....hang onto your hats mom and dad!

  3. Cute cake, cute boys!

    Glad they had a good season.


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