Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adding Saints to Our Collection

I pulled out my painting supplies and spent a few hours last night painting a few more saints.  I had planned to make quite a few, but they take FOR.EV.ER!!  You see, I am really not a very patient person, and I also tend to be a perfectionist, at least according to my husband, who, I am sure, is sick of hearing "Does this look ok??" every two minutes, while I attempt to paint these little saints.  ;)  I also tend to get frustrated when they don't turn out just like I had pictured in my mind... But that's ok -- It's good for me!  I just need to remember to use the opportunity to pray to the saints, and then maybe it would go a little smoother, right?!

That said, I only finished three saints:  St. Nicholas, St. Rose, and St. Zita.  St. Zita was the one that I really messed up on while painting.  I meant to add a purple "palla" (a draped cloak similar to the toga) over her white tunic, but it turned out more like another tunic instead.  Oh well...  The girls were still excited to see her this morning!

Here are a few pictures:

Speaking of saints, Summer with the Saints begins today!!!  I was so excited when my friend Marci told me she would be hosting it once again.  She does such an AMAZING job, and my children had a wonderful time last year.   I'm sure I'll be back with a few photos to share.  I hope you all have a great day!


  1. I think they look fabulous. Your kids are lucky to have them and you.

  2. They look great! Do you paint the eyes and other small facial features or use markers? When I made a little Mary like this for our Stations of the Cross Box, I used a very fine tip Sharpie to draw the eyes... I can't get any details right with even my thinnest paintbrush.

  3. Thank you all!

    Erin ~ The problem that I have found, with using a Sharpie, is that when you go to seal them, the ink tends to run. :( What I ended up doing was purchasing a black fine tip wood paint marker that works well for drawing the eyes. The cheeks, mouth, and eyebrows I still try to do with a thin paintbrush. It is hard though, and I am never convinced that I "got it right!" =)

  4. Just darling! What treasures you are making for your children!

  5. I have got to learn how to paint :)

  6. So darn cute.

    What kind of paint do you use? I'm going buy some this weekend.

  7. Jessica, can you email me a list of supplies I need to make some of these?

  8. These are so adorable. Thank you for sharing!

  9. They're so cute, Jessica. I've been wanting to thank you for your great history curriculum posts. So, thanks.

  10. What did you end up finding to seal them?

  11. Since it has been raining, I have not had a chance to seal this latest batch, but I've been using a "Clear Acrylic Sealer" in Matte.

    I did seal a few of my first ones with Folk Art's Clearcote Hi-Shine Glaze. (You may have noticed how 3 of the choir members and the angel shine in my "Mass at the Castle" post!) Personally I prefer the Matte look...

  12. Wow... this looks really great Jessica. Your kidos must be eagerly waiting to celebrate another Mass with your new set of saints.
    Have a nice weekend :)

  13. These are so wonderful Jessica! I would love to try these, they look so cute and your kids love them!

  14. Amazing! We love St. Zita . . . in fact, Ben's little girl is named Zita. She is a little known, but wonderful Saint!

  15. Just noticed a couple more of your questions!! Sorry!!

    Ruth & Aimee ~ Here is the list of supplies that I use:

    Wooden Dolls -- there are a number of different options, so choose your favorite. I have ordered them from A Child's Dream Come True

    Acrylic Paint -- Variety of colors

    Paintbrushes -- Assortment. I tend to use the smallest ones for details.

    Black (Extra Fine Tip) Woodcraft Marker (this is very helpful for drawing on the eyes)

    Gold Fine Tip Paint Marker -- great for any Gold you need to add. Other Paint Markers come in handy too, though they are not necessary. I did use a brown Paint Marker to draw St. Nicholas's bag.

    Acrylic Sealer ( I prefer Matte but Glossy is nice too -- depends on the look you like.)

    Hope that helps! =)


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