Tuesday, June 2, 2009

8 Children ages 8 and Under...

...plus one on the way = one very tired momma!!

I'm pretty sure my body tricked me into thinking I had the flu Sunday night beginning at 12:00am so that I could spend the next 36 hours in bed or the bathroom?? Bleh!! Since none of my children have gotten sick yet, I am still not sure it was actually the flu?! Anyhow, I am well rested now, and feeling much better!!

Enough about me... Back to this weekend!! Friday afternoon, after we attended Mass and Benediction, followed by lunch with Father, we had the privileged of watching the three little Treehouse Kids while their parents went off to this beautiful destination to celebrate their 10th anniversary! We all had SO MUCH FUN!!

Friday night we headed to the boys Baseball game. We had front row seats to watch Captain and Rascal's game!

The boys played well, though it was a close game and the Ranger's beat us in the last inning: 19 to 17.

Captain running to second base...

Rascal running to second base...

Since it was SO hot outside, I told the girls we would have popsicles as soon as we got back home! (Plus I had promised one particular little girl a pink popsicle to make her feel a bit better about being left at our house! ;) I'm so awful!!)

The game didn't end till after 8, so by the time everyone had eaten their popcicles, gotten in their pj's, brushed their teeth, said prayers, and headed to bed it was LATE! I think it was nearly 11 before the girls stopped giggling and fell asleep! This was the first sleepover we have ever had with friends, and my children LOVED it!

Well, I have to get back to my disastrous house... One day in bed, with five little ones running around, and it looks like it was hit by a tornado! I'll be back soon to share a few pictures from Saturday. See you then!

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  1. Looks like you had a good time!! AND when did my big girl, Branch, grow those legs?!?! HOLY COW that scooter skirt is looking a bit short these days!! Maybe we need to go through those summer things, again!!

    Thanks sooooo much for keeping the kids so we could have a night out... we had fun and hope you all did, too!!


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