Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Tea Tray Memory Game

Find a selection of interesting small objects and arrange them on a tray, which you should keep covered with a tea-towel until you are ready to play the game. Vary the number of objects according to the ages of your girls. Give each child a pencil and paper and ask them to write their name at the top. (We gave the pencil and paper to the mothers, and the mothers wrote down the items they remembered.)

Uncover the tray and place it where all the girls can see it. Give the girls a certain amount of time to memorize the contents of the tray, then cover it up again. (In between letting the girls look at the tray and then writing down what they remembered, we played another game to make it a bit more challenging. Even so, most of the girls remembered around 12 items. Isn't that great!)

I just love this picture of the girls trying to memorize the contents of the tea tray!


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