Thursday, May 21, 2009

Small Successes: Vol. 18

I've been wanting to participate in Faith and Family Live's Small Successes for months, but that was one small success that has been put off till now!

  1. I survived snack bar duty Tuesday night at Little League AND found someone to watch our three youngest children (at the last second) since I had to be in the snack bar and hubby (Asst. Coach) was on the field with the boys. Even though the smells of hotdogs, chili, and hamburgers did make me feel sick for the rest of the night (bleh!!), I did NOT throw up!

  2. Found a dress for Chiquita (who will be the flower girl in my brother's wedding next month), which the bride loves and also met out requirements. (I can't believe how immodest most flower girl dresses are now!! Yikes!!)

  3. I ordered all of my boy's schoolbooks for the upcoming school year! Now if we could just finish the current school year, that would be a huge success... =)

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  1. Great job on all your successes... both big and small!!

  2. What a beautiful dress! My girls are in a wedding this weekend, and I totally relate on how hard it is to find sweet dresses! Great success!!

  3. Hello Jessica,

    I've commented on your blog b4 but now I need some direction. This is totally out of the subject of small successes by the way.

    My young niece, who dreams of becoming a cloistered carmelite nun, just asked me to be her sponsor for her confirmation. YIKES!! I just cried and feel very honored at her request. She is just that special!!

    I really want to make this a beautiful time for her. She is 14 years old and has wanted to make this Sacrament since she was 9.

    Anyway, you have great ideas and I was wondering if you had any links or advice of how I can really make this more special than it already will be. I hope I'm explaining myself right.

    Thanks for any help..


  4. Elizabeth ~ That is wonderful! What an honor for you!!

    You know, I just happened to see a really neat idea that Karen Edmisten shared on her blog:

    "A box arrived here about ten days before Confirmation -- the enclosed card explained that Aunt Holly and her family would pray a novena to the Holy Spirit in the days leading up to Anne's Confirmation. The box held nine small presents, one for each day of the novena, as little reminders that Anne was enveloped in prayer. Attached to each gift was a prayer or a Scripture passage. Sweet little treats, holy cards, trinkets, favorite candies and fun gifts -- something was opened each day, and on the last day, Anne's final gift."I think that is such a WONDERFUL idea and would be so special!! Maybe your niece could even join you in praying the novena? We prayed a 9 day novena leading up to my son's First Communion which was really special too -- though the daily gifts would have added a fun touch!

    I think we may have a couple food ideas for the special day over at Catholic Cuisine too... with more on the way? If you scroll down in the sidebar and look for the label "Confirmation".

    Anyhow, Maybe that will help get you started on some ideas? God bless!!

  5. Thank you Jessica. I love the little presents idea!

    We too just prayed the 9 day novena (minnesota mom's) for my son's First Holy Communion this past weekend. I'll do the same for my niece...and oh YES she would LOVE to join in on the prayers.

    Thank you again and have a blessed night.


  6. I have a new blog to read :) This is GREAT! Loved your 1st list, and all your ideas and successes! Thanks for the inspiration.

    You have such a talent!!!

  7. That dress is adorable!!!!


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