Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Little Flowers' Tea Party ~ Decorations

I've been wanting to share some pictures from our Little Flowers' Tea Party with you all, but I just didn't know where to start!! There is just so much to share! =) I've decided that it will probably be easiest to break it up into a few posts, so I thought I would start with the decorations!

One of the other moms agreed to host the party at her home, and she did an amazing job! She has such a lovely collection of china and her beautiful backyard made a perfect location. We were also blessed with additional decorations and supplies which were loaned to us by my friend Trina who has been hosting a tea for her Little Flowers' group (of older girls) for the past five years. Not to mention, the weather was perfect!

My girls were up bright and early getting ready to leave for the tea. They could hardly wait!!

"Momma, look! There is a picture of St. Therese!"

I just love the little antique tea pot which belonged to Marci's grandmother.

The backyard looked perfect!

Hats and Gloves were required for the girls and their mothers!
Extras were provided.

I just loved the Menu display boards on this table!
(We hadn't added the menu at this point.)

The Tables, all set for Tea!

Each place setting even had a porcelain name plate and a gift for each girl!

More beautiful decorations!

One of my favorite pictures of Chiquita, from the Tea Party!

To be continued...


  1. aw, the backyard looks wonderful

  2. You guys did beautifully! It was so nice!

  3. My goodness, this is beautiful! Victoria Magazine should have been invited for a photo shoot! :)

  4. The picture of Chiquita is beautiful, love the parasol.

    I want to hold a tea party now!

  5. Could I join the next Tea Party? Can great gramma's apply too? What a lovely lovely event. I agree with Margaret, you should have invited Victoria Magazine for a photo shoot of the event! I can hardly wait for the next chapter to this story! Blessings Everyone! and Congratulations Jessica on the exciting news of another little possibility! God Bless!

  6. Lovely!!! We just go to a local tea room. Of course it hasn't warmed up enough here to even consider an outdoor tea party in May!

  7. Sigh...it's just...beautiful! I have boys and I never get to do anything "girly"! Am glad you all had a lovely time!

  8. How absolutely gorgeous! Everything is decorated perfect. You all look so darling. I'm starting a Little Flowers group in the fall, so thank you for all of your posts on the subject. They will be very helpful!

  9. Beautiful! I had purchased some flower making kits, but then stumbled across the coffee filter roses. Your flowers look beautiful! (Especially the "Little" flowers)


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