Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Little Flowers' Tea Party ~ The Menu

Of course my favorite part of our Little Flowers' Tea Party was all the delicious food!! I seemed to be given a little reprieve from my awful nauseousness and was thrilled to actually be able to eat and enjoy all the goodies!!

Since Marci was busy enough planning the decorations, I took care of the menu assignments... Each mother was given one or two menu items to provide (depending on whether she has one or two girls in the group) and it all worked out heavenly!


Tea served with Cream and Sugar
Lemonade and Ice Water

(Chiquita ended up having a little bit of tea with her sugar!)

~ The First Course ~

Strawberries ~ Grapes ~ Scones

Served with Whipped Cream, Apricot Jam, and Lemon Curd

~ The Second Course ~

Mini Quiches ~ Turkey Cranberry Sandwiches
Cucumber Sandwiches

~ The Third Course ~

Chocolate Cupcakes ~ Lemon Bars ~ Dessert Pizzas

My friend Trina also volunteered to coordinate and supervise the servers for us, and we were served by four very sweet girls who are also all Little Flowers! (Two are Trina's daughters and two are older sisters to one of our own Little Flowers!) Thank you all so very much for your help!!

P.S. Kathleen, do you think you can email me your scone and lemon curd recipes, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! I've been having some serious cravings for them since the tea party!! Yummmmm!


  1. You are so funny!! Although... the lemon curd was REALLy good on the scones!! I just figured it was from a jar and was hoping to find some at the market... but if it is something I can make with the two lone lemons in my fridge - all the better!!! So, if you get that lemon curd recipe... send it my way!!! :)

  2. Erica ~ The Lemon Curd WAS homemade!!! I'll send you the recipe as soon as I can get my hands on it! =)

  3. wow, kathleens daughters are so big (wont use their names since you didnt). we have been gone less than a yr but everyone looks soooooooo much bigger!

  4. Hello !
    I am new here ,I am Emma and left an email to the gmailadress in your profile.Hope it works.Love,Emma

  5. WOW, wish we had been there, Yummo! What a blessing this was for you all!

  6. When's the book coming out? This is SOOOO a book.

  7. Yum!! This makes me want to start a Little Flowers group so I can have a tea party with lots of yummy food, too!

    The cranberry and turkey sandwiches sound really good - how are those made??

  8. Emma ~ Thanks for visiting!! I did receive your email, thank you!!

    Meredith ~ I wish you could have been here too! I'd just love it if you lived closer!

    +JMJ+ ~ Your so sweet! lol!

    Erin ~ I happened to make the sandwiches, so that is a question that is easy to answer! =) Since the tea was for little girls I tried to keep them very simple with few ingredients. I spread the bread with cream cheese to prevent it from getting moist, and then added a piece of deli turkey, some cranberry sauce in the middle, and then one more piece of deli turkey. Very simple, but very yummy!

  9. We just had our first Mother/Daughter Tea Party today, and this post was a huge help! Thank you for all of your lovely posts on the Little Flowers Girl's Club. :-)


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