Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Hoopin' for Hope"

Last Saturday afternoon, the girls and I hurried home from our tea party to change clothes and head right back out the door with the rest of the family to attend a Basketball Game. Not just any game -- the Harlem Comedy All-Stars were in town and they are SO FUNNY!!

The Harlem All-Stars vs The International Sharp Shooters is a benefit game which showcases amazing basketball tricks and skills, plus plenty of hi-jinks and comedic hoop antics! Along with Basketball Hall of Fame Legend Meadowlark Lemon (also known as the "Clown Prince of Basketball") the game also starred: Harlem Globetrotter veteran “Hollywood” Brown and Harlem All-Star veteran “Pee Wee” Harrison.

All proceeds from the game went to the Hadley Hope Fund to be used to accelerate ethical scientific research for a cure for all afflicted with Niemann-Pick Type C Disease, including Peyton and Kayla Hadley.

My boys thought it was hilarious when they started playing
baseball instead of basketball!

There were over 1000 people in attendance and the evening was filled with laughs, stunts, food, and an exciting 1/2 time paper airplane contest!

If you look close you may notice that, even though Twinkle Toes arm is extended, her airplane is dropping behind her... We couldn't figure out how it got back there, until we saw this picture! lol!

The boys also each got there very own miniature basketball signed by a few of the players... You should have seen Rascal trying to imitate some of the stunts as we walked back to the car. It was so cute!

Before heading home, we went out to dinner with my Aunt and Uncle! Even though it was crazy busy, it was SUCH a FUN weekend!!


  1. cute pictures, looks like the kids had a blast. God bless.

  2. looks like a ton of fun! i am glad they were able to have it in town this yr instead of in eugene

  3. I just wanted to thank you for giving me a link - I'm honored. I think I'm at your blog multiple times a day, and I keep finding ideas I can use. I think 10 of my friends ordered the Good Shepherd calendar on sale after I found it (and your great ideas) here at the site. I can't keep up with the ideas, but at least we're doing the prayer time at night. I don't know how you find time to do all you do, but I hope to keep learning from you. All the best, Katie

  4. You are such a beautiful family!

  5. Thanks everyone!!

    Regina ~ There was actually 2 games this year. One up North the night before, and then the one here. The Harlem AllStars are hoping to make it an annual event! =)

    Katie ~ I too have not been able to get to all the activities lately, with baseball season and everything else we have been doing... My goal this week has been to read the readings each day, and have one or two special treats that tie into the theme from my plans from last year.

  6. Super cute!!! :'( I wish I had gone!!! I was actually in town!!! :O :'( Looks like you had fun!!! :)

    God Bless,


  7. Off subject, but I love your girl's dresses! Where did you get them from? It's so hard to find cute, modest dresses for my girls (10yrs, 5yrs and 2yrs) Blessings to you and your family.

  8. Kelly ~ I actually purchased the dresses the girls had on at the game at Costco!! They are made by Carter's and were only $7.99 each. =) They are cute, aren't they!?!


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