Thursday, May 7, 2009


We just went outside to find a brand new baby bird on our deck??? WHAT do we do??? It only has just a few feathers and it is COLD!?! I don't think I like our momma bird very much....

Updated to add a photo of the little baby bird:


  1. I called Wildlife Images and they told me to just put the little bird back in the nest. I always thought that you shouldn't do this, but they said that that is a myth and that birds actually have a very poor sense of smell. I hope the momma bird lets him stay!

    I used a mirror to peek into the nest, and there are actually a few other new little babies and some more eggs that haven't hatched yet.

  2. Oh, goodness, how I hated to find displaced baby birds when I was a child! (How are your kids taking it?) What about something soft to land on in case momma bird is naughty again? And prayers to St. Francis!

  3. Okay, first you just have to take a picture and show us!
    Then, I'd place that little darling back in the nest.
    St. Francis help!
    God bless!

  4. In case Momma Bird doesn't want the baby, you can have your kids find some worms and other bugs to mash up with a bit of water. You want a consistency thin enough to use a small syringe (like the one's for kids medicine)to suck up and then just shoot it down into the bird's mouth and stomach. If worms and bugs don't sound too appealing, you can use canned dog food as well. Hope that helps. =)

  5. I had friends who raised a baby crow using the canned dog food. It was interesting, but birds are dirty, and they had it in the kitchen. Yikes. I suggest the garage if you go that route...

  6. Wildlife Images near Merlin should take it.

  7. Thank you everyone! So far, the baby is still in the nest! So I think we are ok, at least for now!

    Mary, I did indeed take a picture, and I'll upload it as soon as I can. =)

  8. I'm glad you found out already that it is good to put the baby birds back in the nest. If it was an accident everything should be fine - but your earlier posts about hte eggs being pushed out make me worry. Some first time/immature nesting birds are not very maternal yet.

  9. I've rescued baby birds before. It is always better to put the chick back in the nest, but at that early age it is surely being pushed out. The hen has too many eggs and the location of the nest is too stressful. She will keep doing this.

    If the chick is a fledgling (fully feathered), it is okay to leave it out because everyone can't fit in the nest anyway and the hen will still feed it - hopefully.

    If the other chicks get pushed out the best thing is to bring them to a nature's center unless you are ready to do hourly feedings. No joke. No sleep. It/they will also need an incubator and pictures of birds of their kind, OTW they will never go wild.

    A good recipe is part wet cat or dog food, part baby food, and some hard boiled egg super finely chopped. NO WATER.

    Cut a straw diagonally at the end (to make a small spoon-like shape) and put blobs of the mixture (as warm as you would give a baby) on the end. The bird will gobble it up and soon will hold it's mouth open when it sees your hand or the straw. Eventually you can feed off of your finger. Use the pictures of the species of bird it is when feeding.

    This would be fun for the children, but if you want to release the bird to the wild you can't hold it. It will imprint on you. You will make it a pet.

    Good luck!


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