Friday, May 22, 2009

Ascension Thursday Picnic

In honor of Ascension Thursday (which technically has been moved to Sunday in our diocese) we had a picnic dinner on our hill outback! I didn't have a chance to go to the grocery store prior to our picnic so I made do with what I had in the kitchen, but no one seemed to mind.

We had our picnic dinner all ready for when hubby got home from work.

Everyone was very excited!

It is traditional to eat some sort of bird since Jesus "flew" to heaven.

I served Chinese Chicken Salad and Rice.

Since fruit represents Christ, the first fruit of all men, I served Strawberries.

However, the Italian tradition is beans and grapes... Perhaps next year?

All I could come up with for dessert that somewhat resembled clouds....

...were these simple Mini White Chocolate Pudding Pies. They were delicious!

My children were thrilled to each get there own Sparkling Ice!

These sparkling, carbonated drinks were chosen for their "rising" bubbles!

Captain feeding Snuggles a little bit of pudding...

I always love seeing my older children helping their little siblings.

"Mom, no more pictures!"
I stopped... for awhile! ;)

The camera came back out when a couple visitors arrived!
Even though we see deer daily, the children still get excited every time.

We all had such a great time!
I hope to make this an annual tradition for our family.

Now if I can get to the store, I think we will have Ascension Pancakes on Sunday after mass!


  1. Ok... we need the recipe for Chinese Chicken Salad!


    Miss M

  2. I would love that recipe too.

    We made do with smores for our dessert. I figured the marshmellows resembled clouds (somewhatha!). I wish I would of planned a picnic!

  3. The Chinese Chicken Salad recipe? Well, it is really easy to make if you have a Costco nearby! ;)

    I've been "cheating" quite a bit lately to be able to put real meals on the table since I've been so nauseous... The Chinese Chicken Salad kit from Costco takes maybe two minutes to put together, and it is DELICIOUS!!!

    The kit comes with two bags of each of the following: noodles, almonds, sesame dressing and cut chicken. All you need is a big bag of lettuce/salad mix, and it is enough for 2 large salads. We've had it for dinner twice this week!

    OH! And smores sound delicious too... My kids (and I!) would have loved that! Yum!

  4. Thanks for the recipe... yes, we'll still call it a recipe. You still had to put it together, right? :) As I've learned though my own mother, to a pregnant mommy, there is no such thing as cheating on dinner. (And no such thing as eating it either!)

    I hope to try those kits soon. Right now, my mouth is watering...

    Miss M

  5. I know what you mean. I haven't felt too much like cooking. But I am determined not to feel guilty (it's hard for amother not to do). I keep reminding myself that this shall pass and again I will be making homecooked meals (and hopefully stocking up for after)

    I have a lovely oriental salad recipe that includes ramen noodles, silvered almonds, and broccoli slaw. I love it!!

  6. OK, I came here to get the recipe too, we only have Sam's Club here. No Chinese salad....Maybe I can wing it (get it?)haha!

    Love your picnic, beautiful! Those deer seem pretty tame to come in the middle of the day like that!

    We did pudding in a cloud, the kids said the chocolate pudding was Jesus.

    What about that rice, It looks like you did more than just put it together? Can we have that recipe too?

  7. What a nice idea - it looks like you guys had fun!

  8. What a lovely hill you have! And I can see Snuggles is living up to his blog name ;)

  9. Great tradition, simple JOY!

    Pax Christi,

  10. You have a way for inspiring others to marvel at our awesome God. Thank you for sharing your beautiful faith and goodness.

  11. You made due? You must keep a well stocked pantry! I'll have to look for that salad kit on my next Costco trip -

  12. Oh! That looks so nice!! And that Costco chicken salad is awesome, isn't it?? I love that stuff.


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