Monday, April 13, 2009

The Way of the Cross

The other night, my boys told me that they wanted to show me something, and to bring my camera...


  1. Very nice; I didn't think of using Playmobil. Well, we don't have that many soldiers.

  2. Super! Good Job boys! I can't wait to show my boys-they'll just love it too :)
    God bless,

  3. Very cool. Have they seen the Lego-a-day blog? Maybe they'll come up with more scenes. :)

  4. Impressive.

    I think your kids are like mine--trained that everything special, important, or just pretty cool is photo worthy. I love that.

  5. My boys were very pleased to see the comments on this post! =) Thank you!

    Sara ~ I didn't think of using them either! Most of my boys Playmobil toys are soldiers.

    +JMJ+ ~ I did see that the other day, but had forgotten to show my boys! They would love it.

    Michelle ~ Oh, I know! It is too funny!

  6. Way to go, boys!!!! That is the BEST Way of the Cross I saw all Triduum! Good Job!


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