Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shower of Photos 2009 :: Day 8

*I never did have a chance to take any photos yesterday... At least I uploaded one to my Daybook. Does that count? Even though I didn't take the picture, it does make me smile! ;)

Here are a few (more) pictures I took of Chiquita today. The lighting is awful in our school room, but these were taken at the best time of day (late morning). I also ventured out of my comfort zone and played around with the manual settings some more. I also shut the flash off, and it really did improve the colors! (Thanks Jen!)


  1. I have to stand much stiller without the flash and sometimes actually prop the camera (I don't have a tripod) but the colors are soooo much better, aren't they?

  2. For the longest time I couldn't even get my non-flash pictures to not be totally blurry, but I changed the ISO (shutter speed) to 1600 and it helped so much! And yes, it really does help the colors and captures so much more natural light!


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