Friday, April 24, 2009

Shower of Photos 2009 :: Day 24

We seem to have a little birdie in a nest on one of the pillars outside our front door... The bird flies off every time we open the door, but I left it open for a little while and was able to take a picture with my zoom lens from my living room. I know very little about birds, so can one of you tell me why it keeps pushing it's eggs out of the nest? You can see one sitting on the ledge about to fall, and another was on the deck the other day and, being just after Easter, was mistaken for a Cadbury Mini Egg and almost eaten by one of my children! :S


  1. Finally my computer doesn't glitch out when I come here. Not sure why it does that but.....

    That naughty mama bird. Cute but naughty. Not sure why she is doing that.

    Love your St. George cake this year!

  2. Hmmmm. Well, perhaps she has had some rotten eggs turn into rotten baby birds. So, she now knows to uh, toss out the ones that are not going to turn into lovely little birds that will play nicely around the house... OK - I have ABSOLUTELY no scientific bird knowledge. Bet you couldn't tell or anything, though!

  3. I have a little bird knowledge.

    Usually a bird pushes the eggs out because of stress. She didn't build her nest in a good place, plus she thinks she laid more this year than she did (remember why we say, "bird brain").

    If you can get up there when she is not around and pull out last year's eggs (if you can tell the difference - a flashlight behind the egg will help view a chick) that might help.

    She may push out hatchlings, too. It would be good to determine which kind of bird she is to be ready to "rescue".

    Mostly it is the traffic. Can you use another door?

  4. How sweet! But sad about pushing her eggs out. I hope you figure out what to do.


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