Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shower of Photos 2009 :: Day 20

One of my favorite day's of Spring is the day that we hang our swing on the front porch!! Last year, due to our extremely long winter, we weren't able to hang it until May. This year, since we have been having just gorgeous weather, hubby hung the swing for us Sunday night, since Monday's symbol for the Garden of the Good Shepherd was "The Chairs."

He also put together our new outdoor sofa as well, and we had such a lovely time reading books and doing schoolwork on the front porch!

 Snuggles is missing his jammies, but I just loved this last picture that hubby took!

Thank you all for all the birthday wishes for Chiquita.  She had a fun birthday!  I'll try and post a few more pictures soon, but we have company coming over for lunch and another baseball game tonight... I hope you all have a great day!


  1. Oh, I am so jealous of your nice warm weather!!! I can't wait for this summer to be able to sit on the porch and read and pray with the kiddos!!

  2. Super cute pictures! Isn't this weather wonderful!!!

  3. Aww, they look so sweet! I had Ben stripped down last night too. It was so hot and he was miserable!

  4. it was HOT here yesterday. looks overcast today though, ugh.

    8 more days!!


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