Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mystery Solved

I had meant to post this a couple weeks ago, but with all that has happened the past couple weeks I completely forgot until the other day when it came up again while talking to a few friends!

As you know, each day during lent we read a bible story about the life of Jesus and then add a symbol to our Jesus Tree. Well this year, with my school room changed around, I hung the Jesus Tree between my boys desks, right under the window.

Well, each morning I would wake up to find most of the symbols missing. I couldn't find the missing ones at first which was frustrating! Well, one day I decided to look in the vent which is on the floor right below the window. Sure enough I found 4 of our symbols. I placed them back on the tree.

The next morning they were missing again. I looked in the vent to find 3 more symbols. I thought it strange that they would fall into the vent, and not on the floor, but thought perhaps that the draft from the heater might have had something to do with it since it was only on at night?? But the size of the symbols had me stumped... How on EARTH could they just randomly fall in the vent each night without some of them ending up on the floor or getting stuck in the slots of the vent? After the fourth day I shut the slots on this particular vent. Still, the next morning there were a couple symbols inside.

Well, after five days in a row of pulling symbols out of the vent, I was in the school room on the computer just before bedtime. I noticed Snuggles quietly come into the room and walk over to the tree and take a symbol off.

Ahh ha!!! I grabbed my camera. ;)

Could it be HIM!
He is thinking about it!

Sure Enough!
Just look at him squeeze that big symbol through the slots! Yeah -- I didn't think they could just somehow slip through?!

"What do you think you are doing!"
Oh and he knew better! He immediately stopped and handed me the symbol.

"Ok.. I'll put it back!"
What a little stinker! Good thing he is SO cute! ;)


  1. Bwahahahahahahahah, caught in the act.

    (he looks so much like you!)

  2. Funny!! What a stinker - it is a good thing kids are cute!


  3. SO CUTE!!! What a great story. :)

  4. He is adorable, but isn't it amazing how quickly they do learn right from wrong? It's that impulse control that takes a while longer!

  5. He'll keep you on your toes, Mama! ~Teresa

  6. Oh my goodness, what a little stinker! How funny! And you're right--he is cute! :)

  7. so cute. Glad you solved the mystery. I have not visited in a while because my other computer shuts down when I go on your site!?It started happening shortly after you changed your site around. go figure. :0(
    Anyway I have to go on my old comp to get on your site. At least this one works though!
    God Bless!

  8. Erin ~ Yes, there is a bend in the pipe, and even though it totally freaks me out to stick my arm down there :S :S ick! I CAN get them back! =)


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