Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Flowers Girls' Club ~ Industry

Last Thursday we had our Little Flowers Girls' Club meeting on St. Frances Xavier Cabrini and the virtue of Industry.

Once again, since the weather was gorgeous, I hosted the meeting at my home in the afternoon, giving the girls an opportunity to have some play time in addition to our meeting.

As usual we began our meeting with the prayer to St. Therese and the Acts of Faith, Hope, and Love. We then continued with a review of the virtue and saint we learned about at our last meeting.

I printed out Charlotte's St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Coloring Page to color, and then be added to the girl's notebooks.

Next I introduced the virtue we will be working on, Industry, and read a short biography of the saint for this month, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

Following the lesson the girls began making their notebook pages. I included the memory verse and for Industry, a short quote, and the prayer to St. Frances. Here are the links to Daffodil and the image of St. Frances that I choose, and my sample page:  (You can download my document here: Text & Mother Cabrini.)

*YES!! I spelled "Frances" incorrectly, and didn't notice until after the meeting... Oops!

The girls have gotten so industrious at putting their pages together, and they were done in no time!

They did a lovely job as usual. Here are the completed pages:

Snack time was next. Dee Dee had snacks for this meeting, and she did a wonderful job! She made the cutest Daffodil Cupcakes using Wilton Flower Silicone Fun Cups and Charlotte's Daffodil Cake recipe. The girls loved them!

Before the girls all headed out to the swing set to play I snapped a quick group photo. I was so excited to see that everyone remembered to wear their sashes this time!

Here are some more great resources, for learning more about St. Frances Xavier Cabrini:

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, pray for us that we may be industrious!

Saint Therese, the Little Flower, pray for us!


  1. Another home run for you Mom! It all looks so fabulous!

  2. I have been to her shrine in CO. when I was at Youth Day and long long time ago already!

  3. Wow! You are industrious! I enjoy visiting your blog. ~Teresa

  4. I enjoy your Little Flowers Girls' Club posts. I think it is such a beautiful thing! I'd love to find one close by (or start my own??) with my girls ... Do you know where I could get more info? Is there a general Web site or something? Thanks!

  5. Sarah ~ If you click on the tab at the top of my blog that says "Little Flowers" it will take you to a post with lots of links, as well as how I went about starting our group. I hope that helps! =)

  6. You guys are the best! That is a lucky group of girls. You always have fun crafts and great food. :)

  7. Oh, thank you, Jessica! I will check it out!

  8. Hi Jessica,
    The daffodil cupcakes look so yummy. If you and your pals host a cookery show on TV, I'm sure its gonna be an instant super-hit! Best of Luck and God bless all of you.

    Love, Mary


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