Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Regina!!

Wish I could make you a cute Ohio Buckeye Birthday cake... Or better yet, owned my own cool private jet like Tug's uncle and could send you to that game...

Oh well, I guess you'll have to settle for a visit in just TWO DAYS!

Can't wait to see you!!!!!!


  1. awww, thanks so much!! that cake is awesome. i expect you to bring it with you on thursday.

    thanks again,

  2. Jessica, who made this cake? Can you make me an MSU one? Hee hee! Go Spartans! :-) Happy Birthday, Regina!

  3. Nancy ~ I found that picture on a Wedding Cake Website when I did a Google Image Search for Buckeye Cake. =)

  4. Jessica, what a great post! I bet that made Regina's heart leap for joy. Good friend!

    I hope you girls have fun.


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