Friday, April 24, 2009

Garden of the Good Shepherd ~ Week 3

Garden_detailI've been working on collecting some ideas to use this coming week, along with The Garden of the Good Shepherd. Like usual, I am sure that we won't get to all of these activities, but we sure are having fun trying! My children have really been enjoying the Bible readings each day and adding a sticker to our calendar.

The theme for week 3 is:

"The Heavens Tell God's Glory!"

15. The Sun : Read Psalm 19:1-6
16. The Cloud: Read 1 Kings 8:2-11
Whipped Creamy Clouds: Provide each child with a piece of waxed paper and a spoon. To make a treat, a child scoops a large spoonful of nondairy whipped topping onto their waxed
paper. Then the child uses their spoon to create a cloud shape. Freeze each child's cloud; then serve.

17. The Rain : Read Matthew 5:43-48

18. The Lightning : Read Job 28:20-26

19. The Hail : Read Job 38:28-30
  • Read Rain & Hail.
  • We have a Pampered Chef Ice Shaver which we rarely use, but this might be a perfect day to make some Shaved Ice!
  • Play "Here comes the Rain Hail"
Here Comes the Rain/Hail Game
from Little Saints Pre-School Program

Prep: Take 2 aluminum pie pans and place 1/4 of beans in one of them. Staple the other pan on top. You will also need couch cushion and/or child's special blanket.

1. Discuss how animals seek shelter when it rains. Have child choose to make believe they are an eagle, dove or butterfly. Instruct them that they will have to listen carefully in this game so they can hear the storm coming and seek shelter before they get wet.
2. Have them place the cushion (nest) or their blanket (tree) where their nest/tree will be.
3. Have child pretend to fly around; butterflies seeking nectar, doves and eagles seeking food.
4. Hidden from view, gently start to shake the pie pan, building up to storm level.
5. Once the children have landed in their nest or under their tree safely, slowly stop the "rain/ hail" and repeat.

20. The Wind : Read Ezekiel 37:7-10

21. The Rainbow : Read Genesis 9:12-15

I hope you are all having a very blessed Easter season!


  1. You would make it very easy for me to bring my children home to homeschool! ;)

  2. wonderful ideas! love the clouds made with cool whip!


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