Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Hope Challenge Ends Today

Today is the last day of the Easter Hope Challenge!

There is still time to add an egg (or two) to the basket, with your name inside for the raffle for a lovely Easter Basket, by donating any amount large or small!

Currently we have $440.00 to give to the Hadley's. Only 6 donations of $10 would bump it up to $500.00 to be used for medical expenses and to accelerate ethical scientific research for a cure for all afflicted with Niemann-Pick Type C Disease, particularly for Peyton and Kayla Hadley.

The paypal donation button is located in my right sidebar. All donations are Tax Deductible! I'll be back later today (we are off to do the drawing right now!) to do the drawing and post the raffle winner!

May God Reward you for you generosity and prayers!!


  1. I hope I am not to late. I wish I could give more but this is all we can give this year.

  2. You are a true saint for organizing this again this year. Having a child with a special disorder... with not many,known, effective,treatments.... this tugs at my heart in a special way. i wish i could have donated more. but, every little bit goes a long way. I pray that someday, with God's grace, we find a cure for this disease and other diseases that effect the little children.

    Bless you for doing this !!!


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