Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celebrating the Feast of St. George the Dragon Slayer

Well, the thing with celebrating feast days at home with your children, and doing cool things like making a dragon cake for the feast of St. George, is that your children DON'T FORGET!!!

"MOM, you HAVE to make the dragon cake AGAIN!!! Pleaassssseeeeee!!!!!!!"

Even though it was a super busy day (I had a Little Flowers meeting to lead this afternoon) I couldn't resist the fun, and made another dragon cake... Actually, it was quite a bit easier than last year, and didn't take near as long. This time I used chocolate covered graham cookies for the spikes (like Charlotte and Renee did last year) which was sooo much easier than trying to frost cut-up pieces of cake. For the flames I just used some organic fruit leather, which wasn't that red, but oh well! He still is nowhere near as cute as Charlotte's dragons, but I do think he is an improvement over our dragon from last year...

This year we just used cocktail swords for slaying the dragon, but the children were thrilled... Even Snuggles loved the dragon!

Hope you all had a wonderful feast of St. George!


  1. looks great as usual. you are amazing.

  2. Nothing to be ashamed of there---he's perfect!

  3. He is adorable! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  4. He's great!!

    Wish I could have done it this year...there's always next year!

    Next week for our Little Crowns group I DO get to make the rosary cupcakes, can't wait for that, I can handle that....cupcakes aren't too hard!

  5. Thanks for the idea. We had our neighbors over and read St. George and I made a dragon cake, though mine did not come at as well as yours. Have you taken cake decorating classes? Our sad dragon can be found here

  6. Thank you! He was delicious! ;)

    Teresa ~ No, I have never taken decorating classes, though I do think it would be lots of fun!

  7. Your cake is great, Jessica! I will have to make sure my daughter sees it as she is so into cake decorating right now.
    We have the same St. George book... after checking it out at the library half a dozen times, my mother found it used for the boys. :)

  8. The cake looks great! I am printing out a picture of it to stick in my liturgical year binder as a reference for future years...


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