Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mixed Emotions

As I've mentioned before, we have had a tutor working with our boys, to teach them Phonics and correct their mild Auditory Processing Challenges, since last March. Mrs. K has been coming each week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (excluding holidays and sickness), to first work with Captain, and then squeeze in a shorter lesson for Rascal and Twinkle Toes. I think I have mentioned what a blessing she has been to us, once or twice, or a hundred times!!! ;)

Yesterday, after finishing Rascal's lesson for the day, she called me into our school room to tell me that she really didn't think it was necessary for her to come anymore. There are a couple booksthat she still would like Rascal to complete, but she said that I won't have any problem giving him the lessons myself. So, yesterday was our last day!!

I am so excited for the boys, and thankful that we were able to find ways to pay for the lessons, but at the same time I am so sad!! It was so touching to see Mrs. K leave in tears and say how much we will be missed. We will miss her SO MUCH!!! She has truly become part of our family this past year. Even Snuggles would cry for her to hold him from the moment she arrived each day, and he would even start pounding on the school room door, if I lost track of him for a second while she was here teaching! As for me, I am going to have to retrain myself not to rely on her for my school schedule. This morning I noticed we had a very late start, since generally we begin our school days with her arrival. Now who will be "checking" on my progress, to make sure I am staying on track?? ;)

To celebrate, I let the boys look through the Bethlehem Books catalog, and told them they could each choose a book. Well, they each made a list of about ten books, and are still trying to decide which one they would like!! I'd also like to surprise them with a visit to Cold Stone this weekend. Better yet, maybe we could take Mrs. K. along too!


  1. What an accomplishment, I say it does deserve some Cold Stone with Mrs. K!!!

  2. Great News!!!

    Well, I don't know how to encourage you to stay on track in the mornings... I struggle with that, too! But, maybe you could try to schedule your schoolwork so that you can have Fridays "off" and we can make regular plans for our social calendar together!!! :) Until then, enjoy some yummy ice cream or some such treat!!

  3. That is sad.

    How nice to have her come into your home though. What a blessing!

  4. aw, youll do just fine without mrs k BUT you can always have her come back for your youngest daughter (darn those forgettable nicknames).


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