Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lenten Daybook ~ March 10, 2009

FOR TODAY: March 10, 2009

Outside my Window... it is overcast right now, but the forecast says "Mostly Sunny." Hopefully the sun will be out soon!

I am thankful... that we were able to attend a beautiful, reverent, Latin Mass this past Sunday. It meant spending almost 6 hours in the car, but it was so worth it!

From the kitchen... lots of snacks from Trader Joe's. What a great store! We stopped on our way home Sunday, to pick up a few snacks for the drive home. I really wish we had one around here!

From the learning room... the boys are studying Ancient Egypt and the American Revolution. The girls are learning about "Zoo Animals" this week with Little Saints. I need to get my act together with Math... The boys love Right Start, but I am still having a hard time adjusting to it, and making sure we get to the lesson each day. At this rate, we will be doing Math all summer...

Living the Liturgical year at Home... our Jesus Tree is getting quite colorful as we make our way through lent and add new symbols each day. The boys have been working a little bit each day on their Lenten Lapbooks, which are coming along nicely. We've been reading lots of Lenten picture books. I've also requested a few Easter books from our library, and ordered a few more for in my children's Easter Baskets.

I am creating.. a cleaner, more organized, home.

I am going... to Bunco tonight, after I take the boys to their first Baseball practice of the year.

I am wearing... a jean skirt, a white tee-shirt, and a green cable-knit sweater.

I am reading... to the children. I haven't been able to find much time to read my own books, and the little time I have had, I've spent looking through my favorite planning books. =) Hopefully I can change that this week, and get started on a book or two for me!

I am hoping... that I am able to keep up with my "Lenten Cleaning." I finished the girl's room last night, but barely. Today I am taking on the boy's room. Thankfully I did a thorough cleaning of it last month, so it shouldn't be too bad. We'll see!

I am listening... to the 2008 Lenten Mission at Audio Sancto. As I mentioned earlier, I haven't been reading much, but I have been listening to a number of inspiring sermons, which have been such a blessing.

Around the house... the laundry is caught up for the moment! There is plenty to be done elsewhere though...

One of my favorite things... is Oregon Chai's Original Sugar-Free Chai Tea. I am drinking some right now. Yummm!!

A Few Plans For This Week...

Clean...Clean...Clean... but, I do get a little break tonight for Bunco! The boys have two practices for Little League, and hubby will be the assistant coach for their team. Other than that, not much is planned, at least not yet!

A picture thought I am sharing:

Before and After: The Girl's Armoire
(My children's rooms don't have closets...)

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  1. I so enjoy reading people's daybooks! They're so neat! The girl's armoire looks great! Even if you "barely" finished, you still finished! Have fun at Bunco tonight =)

  2. i'm not getting the before and after shot.... they look identical!!

  3. I heart Trader Joes too! Yummy snacks.

  4. OK, ok!! I am wishing I would have taken a few more pictures... NO, it doesn't look that different. What you don't see is the overflowing dresser, piled high with clothing that needed to be put away, before that final picture. Plus, a number of dresses in the 2nd picture came from hand-me-down bins... I was able to pack up a whole tub of clothing that was too small for the girls, as well as quite a few pairs of shoes, in addition to the big box that is ready to go to St. Vincent's. The pictures really don't give all the time I spent justice... =)

  5. My first visit to you blog and I've enjoyed myself tremendously!


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