Monday, March 9, 2009

Lenten Cleaning

Last year I tried deep cleaning our home in less than a week. This year I am giving myself a month! This should give me the time I need to really work on decluttering and not just deep cleaning! ;)

Below you will find the schedule I am going to attempt to follow... I am also planning on using last year's list as a check sheet, to make sure I don't miss any little details, since it worked out so well last year...

~ Week One ~

Monday, March 9th: The Girl's Bedroom ~ Sort and Organize Clothing and Toys. Make a list of the clothing needed for spring and summer.
Tuesday, March 10th: The Boy's Bedroom ~ Sort and Organize Toys and Clothing. Sort and Organize Clothing and Toys. Make a list of the clothing needed for spring and summer.
Wednesday, March 11th: The Nursery ~ Sort and Organize Toys and Clothing. Make list of clothing needed for Spring and Summer (if any?).
Thursday, March 12th: Master Bedroom ~ Sort and Organize Bookshelves and Clothing.
Friday, March 13th: Learning Room ~ Clean and Organize Closet and Bookshelves.
Saturday, March 14th: Learning Room ~ Organize and Declutter Craft Bins and Desk. Make a list of any supplies that are needed. Drop off all items to be donated at St. Vincent's.

~ Week Two ~

Monday, March 16th: Sort and Organize Hall Closets and Coat Closet
Tuesday, March 17th: Sort and Organize DVD/Video Cabinet and Living Room Bookshelves
Wednesday, March 18th: Sort and Organize Kitchen Pantry and Hutch
Thursday, March 19th: Sort and Organize Kitchen Drawers, Cabinets and Countertop
Friday, March 20th: Clean Laundry Room, and Declutter Cabinet
Saturday, March 21st: Sort and Organize Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets. Drop off all items to be donated at St. Vincent's.

~ Week Three ~

Monday, March 23rd: Clean Mini Blinds
Tuesday, March 24th: Clean all Windows and Doors
Wednesday, March 25th: Clean Oven and Range/Hood
Thursday, March 26th: Clean Refrigerator/Freezer, Microwave, and Coffee Pot (Run Clean Cycle)
Friday, March 27th: Clean China Cabinet and Wash all of the Wine Glasses
Saturday, March 28th: Front Porch and Back Patio

~ Week Four ~

Monday, March 30th: Clean Ceilings and Light Fixtures
Tuesday, March 31st: Clean Inside Doors, Handles, and Switch Plates
Wednesday, April 1st: Dust and Vacuum (including under beds and couch, etc.)
Thursday, April 2nd: Wash Baseboards and Cabinet Fronts
Friday, April 3rd: Mop Hallway and Bathroom Floors and Remove Water Spots from Shower Doors
Saturday, April 4th: Clean Cars, Inside and Out

~ Week Five ~

Monday, April 6th: Assemble Easter Baskets
Tuesday, April 7th: Prepare Easter Clothing
Wednesday, April 8th: Begin Easter Baking
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April 9th - 11th: Observe the Easter Triduum (I still need to write out our plans for this year.)
Sunday, April 12th: Celebrate Easter Sunday!


  1. WOW! Go get 'em tiger!

    I'll just keep my dust for now along with some of those other spring cleaning needs. You are brave to post such big goals - and to only give yourself a month to accomplish them!!!

    I guess we'll read your next blog post AFTER Easter!!! :) Happy Home Making!!!

  2. You have inspired me! I am working on my deep cleaning now and seems like I will never be done. I found some things on your list that I have forgotten about. Thanks!

  3. You are such an inspiration! A friend of mine recently said she thinks about her housework as house blessing. Though you would like that idea:o) Happy house blessing to you!

  4. When you get your house clean, come to my house ok?!

    Love your drive.

    There is such a nice feeling when all is clean and put in it's place.

  5. What great goals you set. No deep cleaning going on here. I do need to have a garage sale though...a BIG garage sale!

  6. This looks great, Jessica! I have seen lists on other blogs, and I am so inspired to do something similar ... Most of the time I am lucky to keep up with the day-to-day =) But breaking it down to one task per day seems doable. Hmmm ... God bless your efforts!

  7. Hello

    Can I link to this post please?

  8. Linking to my blog is always fine. I do ask that my pictures and text are not reposted. Where would you like to share the link?


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