Monday, March 30, 2009

A Beautiful Sermon on Veiling

I just finished listening to the following sermon from Audio Sancto on veiling images and the veiling of women:


  1. I have never seen statues failed, it would be so impressive.

  2. Don't you just love Audio Sancto?!!

  3. Absolutely incredible homily. I posted Father's homily from Sunday about veiling images and veiling women on my blog yesterday :-) Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Thanks for this link. What a wonderful and informative homily. I have often wondered why women stopped wearing veils. As a child we wore veils; I can't remember when we stopped or why. I don't recall seeing any woman at the mass I attend wearing a veil. Do most women wear veils at your parish?

  5. Thank you for posting this, and all of the neat things you post. I have made so much use out of your great ideas.
    Amazing sermon right to the end.I can see a veiled object on the mantle for my boys to "not touch" in my future. Lets see how long they can stand it. That aught to really drive home the lesson ;) God bless.
    P.S. Are the statues veiled for the whole two weeks then? I'd better make some veils quick!

  6. Kimberly ~ I do!!! It is so nice to be able to listen to great sermons online!

    Ruth ~ I just went over to your blog to see... I am so *sorry* about your statue! Oh, you must have been so sad!

    Cathy ~ No -- most of the women at my parish do not wear veils. Though there are a few of us, and the numbers are increasing. =) I don't like "standing out" but I just remind myself, that I"m doing this since I believe it is what God wants me to do for Him. It's a sacrifice, but like all sacrifices it is so rewarding.

    Gloria ~ Honestly, I don't know the answer to that question. In the Traditional Rite Parishes I believe the statues are covered for the whole two weeks of Passiontide, but here locally, at our parishes, I am pretty sure the statues are just veiled on Good Friday. I could be wrong though!

  7. I can't wait to hear this! I will boot this kids out this afternoon and do so. The statues were veiled down here last Sunday.

  8. I wear a veil at my church, and so does one other woman.

    There are over 2000 families in my parish.

    Although, I have been complimented on it a couple of times!

  9. The statues were all covered at our parish and it is not a Traditional Mass. We tend to get all the wonderful "older" traditions... I was so excited when the "Gloria" was processed out when Lent began. :)

  10. I thought of you Sunday while listening to this sermon, thinking I should email you so you could hear this beautiful sermon. As usual Father did an awesome job of explaining traditions to us.

    God bless,

  11. Great post.

    The Veil/the Rosary/the Mass - against our culture are signs of contradiction.

    The same can be said in this sermon for men showing up to mass in flip flops. Christ did say 'see the signs of the time': abortions on demand, pornography rampant, violent crimes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lack of charity, large destructive wildfires and tornadoes, immodesty in public, gameboy-playing kids during mass (I've seen it with the mother nodding impressively at her kid's high score), divorce rate skyrocketed, etc.

    Shouldn't we stand out, as Christ was described and the laity challenged by Pope John Paul II, to become 'a sign of contradiction' to the world?

    A great sermon at a much needed time.

  12. Hello Jessica,
    It seems that I've had more and more reason to post a comment on your blog. Each time I am filled with joy...just reading some of your post or being inspired by works of God...just awesome thank you.
    Veiling! I have thought about wearing a veil for many months now. My reasons for waiting have been becuase I didn't want to stand out or be a focus. NO ONE wears a veil at my parish. Actually there are a few older ladies in the Spanish Mass that do but, that's it.
    This post is getting long, sorry. I will continue to pray for God's strength in this matter. But I think the sermon about veiling just may be the bit of strength I need.

    God bless!

  13. I have a question (please don't laugh) but how do you keep the veil on your head? I have one and attempted to wear it once... (I was VERY nervous)but me toddler and 9 month old kept pulling at it and I spent most of the Mass trying to keep it in place! I have not worn it again but really feel called to. Also, what color for married women verses teenage daughters? Mine is black.Thanks for the great post.


  14. Jennifer ~ I use 2 bobby pins and pin it from the front onto my hair. For my hair, that seems to work the best. My babies use to pull on it too, but over time they get use to it and leave it alone. Although, I still need the bobby pins. =)

  15. Thanks SO much Jessica! I think I'll try wearing mine again on Good Friday!

    I have been following your Blog since September and this is the first time I've ever posted.

    Many prayers for you and your beautiful family!

  16. My family has been attending the latin mass for about 8 months. We love it! We recently attended a novus ordo mass and we wore our veils under the spiritual direction of our Priest. Lots of looks, but I pray that God will move many hearts to Veil and dress modestly. I love the Audio Sancto homilies!! Another great find on the web is fisheaters - lots of good reading.
    Wonderful post!

  17. I loved this sermon so much and listened again and again, and then recommended it to others. Do you know where this one is now? I know audiosancto is defunct and divested itself of the homilies it had stored but I'm wondering if you've ever found this homily elsewhere on the sites that took up those homilies.

  18. Here it is:


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