Thursday, February 12, 2009

WoW ~ Week 5

The weeks are flying by, and I am late posting for Weight on Wednesday once again... My life has just been so busy! Most of my free time (and then some) has been spent catching up the bookkeeping for my Aunt's Mini-Market. I was almost a year behind, but it is CAUGHT UP!! Wow! THAT was a JOB! I had been working on it every Friday or Saturday and most weeknights after my kids were in bed since the beginning of January. At first I was doing great finding the time to squeeze in exercise, but these past two weeks I pretty much let it go. I was spending even more time in Quickbooks as I started to see the end in sight, not to mention everything else that has been going on.

With all my inactivity and poor meal planning, I wasn't surprised to see that I was up a pound this week, as well as 1/2" in my measurements. I am just happy that it hasn't been more!!

On a positive note, I went back to Old Navy to get a smaller size in a skirt I bought in December. I love it, but it had gotten way too loose! I was able to go 2 sizes smaller!! Yay!!! Those 4 1/2 pounds have made a big difference!

My Summary:

  • Week Four Weight Loss/Gain: + 1
  • Inches Loss/Gain: +.5 inches
  • Overall Results: -4.5 pounds and -6.5 inches
Goals for this week:

Track my exercise, shooting for 30 minutes a day on average, and make a meal plan for this coming week!

To see everyone's stats, or report your own, head on over to Regina's!

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