Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Fun

A couple weeks ago, our "Little Saints Pre-School" theme was "Winter Fun." Here is a glimpse at a few of the fun things we did:


We read some of our favorite books about snow:

Winter Dessert Sculptures

Making Snowflakes

The girls love using scissors...

Here is what happens when momma leaves the room for a second and a scissor happy little girl cuts too much!

Ah! That's better!

I thought I took a picture of the door covered in snowflakes, but I guess I didn't... Oh well!
I wonder if they are ready for these??

Decorating Snowflakes

These are part of the Snowy Day Lapbook from Homeschool Share.
(which doesn't seem so be working right now)

I wanted to make this Snowman Dessert, but my kiddos had had enough sugar as it was! The girls did have fun with this Virtual Snowman.

Last week the girls continued the theme and worked on lapbooks. Chiquita is doing a simple Snow Lapbook and Twinkle Toes is making one based on The Snowy Day.


  1. You have such great ideas I will be back often for inspiration!

  2. With three little ones, 7 and under, I'm still trying how to figure out the "creative lessons" and orderly (notice I didn't say "clean") home... any ideas????

    I seem to be barely keeping my head above water....

    :) Angel
    (sorry, still no time to figure out how to make my own blog....)

  3. fun indeed! what a neat idea-the preschool group. i don't do enough for my little guy with other kids. this has sparked some inspiration.

  4. We did the snowman dessert instead of the snowscapes!! (because of the reason you didn't do the snowmen!)

    I love the dog house thing....uh, wishful dog wanter, huh?

    Come on mom, can't you get her a dog?

    Our Little Saints has slowed down, but we did do "Looby Loo" a lot this past week! I think we are done with the snow stuff and ready to move on. We kind of stretched that unit on for the past month!

  5. Culinary art! That's a favorite of mine. ~Teresa

  6. Love the snow idea. Man...how do they make all that yummy stuff without eating it and getting sick!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Angel ~ It is tough, though I think as it becomes a part of your routine, it seems to get easier... Although, that probably doesn't help much??

  8. Christine ~ I didn't say they didn't eat any!! That afternoon was CRAZY after my children eating way too much sugar!! This was probably a one time only project! ;)

  9. Oh, fun! I've got to let the kids make snowflakes soon. They'll enjoy it. Thanks for the reminder!


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