Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Treats

I recently ran across a yummy suggestion for making Candy Coated Oreos for Valentine's Day. Oreos are one of my hubby's favorite cookies, so we decided to give it a try.

First we gathered all our supplies. While we were at it, we decided to candy coat some marshmallows and pretzels as well.

We never did use the M&M's, but after seeing Elizabeth's post, I was wishing we had! They match the girls dresses perfectly! I loved seeing that our families were doing very similar things, on opposite sides of the country! If only we lived closer...

Next, we melted about half of our white Almond Bark in the microwave. The girls mixed it to make sure it was smooth.

Each Oreo was dipped in the melted almond bark and laid on a cookie sheet, lined with wax paper, to cool.

After that, we added a little red heart, or sprinkles, to each cookie.

The boys choose to dip the pretzels and marshmallows in brown almond bark and add sprinkles.

The girls didn't want to stop with the cookies, so they helped with the pretzels too!

It was all so very easy to make, and everyone had so much fun!

Snuggles even had fun watching...

I hope you all have a lovely St. Valentine's day tomorrow!


  1. Wow, do those look fantastic! Yum!

    Happy St. Valentine's Day

  2. Those look so yummy! And so lovely!

  3. seriously, a wonderful job! Thanks for the mention and I love that you dipped other things as well!

    Happy St. Valentine's Day!

  4. Those look divine. If I wasn't under the weather, I would want one.

    I hope Lauren doesn't kill me for the chicken pox picture. I wish I had a picture when I had them. I'm curious what I looked like.


  5. Yum . . . those pretzel chocolate things are looking mighty good to this pregnant chocolate-salty fan over here!

    Happy Valentines Day!


    PS - Nice write-up over at Elizabeth's Real Learning! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! They are soooo cute! God bless you to share such special moments!

    Julie Maria

  7. Ohhhh...I'm getting a cavity just looking at all of those yummy treats. I haven't had Oreos in ages...I might have to pick up some for myself...I mean the kids! :-)

  8. What yummy treats! Looks like the kids had fun. I'll have to get brave enough to try that sometime; I still get frustrated with messes. The times that I do let the children help me cook, it's always fun! That's what I've got to remember.


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