Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Lenten Calendar ~ 2009

I finally finished making our Lenten Calendar this morning, just before Mass. Yes, it is almost identical to last year's calendar, but that is what my children requested!

Heavenly Father, Let us enter the season of Lent in the spirit of joy giving ourselves to spiritual strife, cleansing our soul and body, controlling our passions, as we limit our food, living on the virtues of the Holy Spirit; Let us persevere in our longing for Christ so as to be worthy to behold His most solemn Passion and the most holy Passover, rejoicing the while with spiritual joy. Amen.


  1. Aren't kids funny that way? Last year, I tried something new and this year, they wanted to go right back to the "old one". I was thinking I might just laminate this one so that it can be used over and over. I'll have to ask them what they think about that!

  2. I was thinking yesterday how nice that would be, but not until after I had added already added the dates to the calendar. :S I could have just numbered the days, or left it blank? Then I realized that the feast days change dates too, so it wouldn't have worked anyways. Next year, I may make a few modifications so it can be reusable. Wouldn't that be nice!?!

  3. I love this idea! It covers so much in one nice easy-to-see place! Including special prayer intentions for each day is a nice idea as well. I saw that Monday is to pray for an end to abortion... I have been wondering how other Catholic moms explain this to their young children (I have an almost four year old and a one year old). I want them to know about it from early on that it is horrific, yet I don't want to burden them w/ too much info, if that makes sense...

  4. Wow! Your Lent calender blows mine out of the water!! I don
    t think I'll even post pictures!! You did a fantastic job!

  5. Nice calendar Jessica! I stole your idea from last year's picture and made one for us!!

    Thanks for all your great ideas! You are helping my family celebrate the liturgical seasons in all sorts of new ways!

  6. what a wonderful idea Jessica. I am going to make one this weekend even though lent has already started. We can still do it for the rest of lent.

  7. I love it! What a great calendar! I may have to make one of these next year . . . :)


    PS - Maybe it is just my laptop image, but are you missing an "r in "Pantry"? :) Maybe not, but just in case! :)

    Regardless of where you keep your canned goods, I love the idea of giving one away a day to charity!

  8. Oh my goodness I can't stop laughing!! That's what I get for making the calendar at midnight with a head cold!! I am going to reduce the size of my picture and go and print out a new one WITH an "r" before my boys notice! THANKS!!!! =)


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