Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Daybook ~ February 3rd, 2009

FOR TODAY: February 3rd, 2009
The Feast of St. Blaise

Outside my Window... the sun is shinning, but it is COLD!

I am thinking... about the Feasts of Candlemas and St. Blaise, and I am so disappointed that we weren't able to make it to Mass each morning since Chiquita is sick. Nevertheless, we have been celebrating at home and a little later today the kids will be decorating candles and folding some napkins for with dinner.

I am thankful... that, even though Chiquita was throwing up early yesterday morning, none of my children are throwing up today! Maybe it wasn't the stomach flu after all?!? Time will tell...

I am also thankful that, even though we missed Mass this morning, we can still have our throats blessed this coming Sunday at one of the local parishes.

From the kitchen... Stuffed Peppers, Clam Chowder, and Spinach Salad for dinner.

From the school room... lessons as usual. The boys finished up a couple of their workbooks this past week. This should free up a bit more time for History and Science! Yay!! The girls are finishing up their Winter lapbooks and then we'll move on to a new theme.

I am creating... a checklist for Rascal's birthday this coming Saturday.

I am going... to try and finish up a couple of the posts in my drafts folder, starting with THIS post! I haven't had much time for posting and/or reading blogs lately.

I am wearing... a heavy sweater, warm socks, and my slippers. It is cold in our house today, and I am having a hard time getting the fire to burn well.

I am reading... Red Hugh: Prince of Donegal to my children.

I am hoping... that Snuggles hair grows back quickly. Hubby decided to give him his first haircut this past Saturday. Poor baby!

I am hearing... AJ, Skiff and the rest of the Gang. The boys asked to listen to them while they are working on their Copywork. Twinkle Toes is looking at a few books, and Chiquita and Snuggles are sleeping. I am not hearing my washing machine -- time to change it over.

Around the house... hummm... It is actually in pretty good shape still! Marci spoiled me last week by having ALL my kids over to her house for the day so I could clean my house and prepare dinner since we had Father coming over that night! I was AMAZED at how much I could get done. Thank you Marci!

One of my favorite things...is being able to look back through old posts and see what we were up to at this time last year!

A Few Plans For This Week...

I am hoping to finish up my Aunt's bookkeeping for 2008. I am getting close!! I also need to make up some gift bags for Rascal's friends that are coming to his birthday party on Saturday. I wonder how they would like Fr. Lovasik books! ;)

A picture thought I am sharing:

Snuggles loves his new "God-brother"


  1. yeah, our heater broke and they wont be able to fix it until tomorrow. talk about COLD.

  2. Loved your daybook as always!
    Have a blessed week!

  3. What a lovely daybook, I hope Chiquita feels better soon.

    The Presentation (Candlemas) is one of my favorite feasts. It feels like I say that about all of them, but it is true.

  4. I feel so behind, I have been without computer off and on for days now!
    Those pictures are so cute! And Snuggles God-brother loves him too!!

  5. Oh and which parish is blessing the thorats?? I just need to call you!! LOL


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