Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WoW ~ Week 3

It's Wednesday ALREADY?!? Ugh! I was doing great. I weighed on Saturday, and was down another couple pounds, but I totally blew it Saturday night eating pizza and the scale jumped up FOUR POUNDS! I didn't think it would make that much of a difference. Obviously it did, and I have been working since then to get it off. Thankfully, I can still report a loss for this week, but only 1 pound... I did a bit better with inches lost.

My Summary:
  • Week Three Weight Loss/Gain: -1 pound
  • Inches Loss/Gain: -3 inches
  • Overall Results: -5.5 pounds and -5.5"
Last Week's Goals:
  • Try and get 3 walks in at the track or at home (if the weather is bad) using Walk Away the Pounds Express. [I only walked twice.]
  • Exercise daily using Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred DVD avoiding the squats and possibly "jumping rope" till my knee is better. [This didn't happen... Instead I did her crunches and upper body exercises, avoiding anything using my legs. I can feel a difference, and I am really bummed that I haven't been able to do this.]
  • Resume tracking food and enter it into Spark People. [After the pizza, I dropped the ball on tracking... It really does help though!]
  • Continue watching portion sizes and hopefully make better choices this week. [I was great about this, except for those 3 or 4 pieces of pizza.]
  • Drink MORE water! [I am getting better! My boys have been helping with this, and have been bringing me glasses of water on occasion! I love them!]
This Week's Goals:
  • Lose 2.5 pounds! Can I do it?
To see everyone's stats, or report your own, head on over to Regina's!


  1. Good job Jessica!!! Really, you are doing great!!

    I love the Walk Away the Pounds videos, they are so inspiring and they keep you motivated!!

    (of course, my goal was to keep them up during pregnancy, but it has not happened!)

  2. Good Job Jessica! Don't worry about the pizza - It happens to the best of us! I'm looking for a healthy, whole grain, low glycemic pizza recipe. Is there such a thing???? :) We are BIG Pizza eaters!! No wonder my waistline isn't so trim. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. I like to see those inches come off more than pounds anyway. It's so nice to feel the clothes loosen up. Now, I could be wrong, but I feel like when I ate something heavier and I weigh a lot more the next day, that it may be that all of the food has not digested and part of that weight is the food still in you? That's just a guess, though, because it seems the weight drops off awfully suddenly the next day.

  4. Thanks everyone! I think what it was more than anything was all the dairy. I usually either order pizza without cheese for me, or pick it off, and I didn't this time. Since I am severely intolerant to dairy, and since I have been staying off it as much as possible I didn't react well... and gained weight! It took 3 days for it to come back off, but it did =) It may have come off quicker, but we ate out again on Sunday night, which probably made things worse.

    Lori, if you find a recipe, let me know!

    Juli, I AGREE! In my case, I am finally starting to FIT my clothes! =) Hopefully they will start getting loose soon! I did by a new skirt last month though and I am wishing I would have bought 2 sizes smaller... Oh well. It will fit again after my next pregnancy =)

  5. Thats great Jessica... Thank you for let me know about Walk Away the Pounds.. I really love them..even in this ugly weather! Keep up the great job!

  6. Hey, three inches off is a huge accomplishment!

    I am tracking my progress on Fridays. I have done well so far this week except for the day I visited my husband at work for lunch and all the Indian guys were hosting an Indian potluck!

  7. lose 2.5 lbs this week...YES YOU CAN

  8. I've been wondering about those Jillian Michaels videos . . . I'll have to keep my eye on your blog for how you like them! Maybe for June? :)



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