Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WoW ~ Week 2

Wednesday sure came around quick!! I didn't do as bad as I thought I might. Even though we ate out and had cake a couple times, I was really conscious about portion size and snacking. I think that might be what saved me from having a gain this week... It could have happened very easily. Instead I am down another 2 pounds which is encouraging. I just might be able to DO THIS!!

My Summary:
  • Week Two Weight Loss/Gain: -2 pounds
  • Inches Loss/Gain: +1" (Half of this is in my arm, probably due to increasing the weight on my hand weights -- THANKS CHRISTINE!-- so I'm not too upset...)
  • Overall Results: -4.5 pounds and -2.5"
Last Week's Goals:
  • Continue exercising each day using the DVD [I was able to do this until Sunday. I hurt my knee on Saturday-- either doing squats or possibly playing Wii? Anyhow, I tried Sunday but I just couldn't do it. I've given my knee a break and will resume soon... I was really dissapointed about this, since I was doing so good getting it in each day -- for 10 days anyways.]
  • Take the kids for a walk [We went last Wednesday.]
  • Track food every day, and work on making better choices [I did great with this until we started eating out over the long weekend. I wrote down what I ate, but didn't figure out the calories :P -- Protien drinks for Breakfast, Steak Fajitas (ate half), Chocolate Cake (1 piece Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!), Guacamole Bacon Cheeseburger with Garlic Fries (ate half Friday night and the other half on Saturday), Carrot Cake (2 pieces), Cold Stone Ice Cream (Shared the small size with hubby), KofC Breakfast on Sunday but I only ate the eggs and sausage! I also had a number of pieces of biscotti with a Cup of Hot Cocoa while reading Sunday night... YIKES!!]
  • Eat Breakfast [I was good about this and had Protien shakes for breakfast.]
  • Drink more water, at least 8 glasses each day. [I'm still not drinking enough, but getting better. Why is it easier to drink more water at Restaurants?]
This Week's Goals:
  • Try and get 3 walks in at the track or at home (if the weather is bad) using Walk Away the Pounds Express.
  • Exercise daily using Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred DVD avoiding the squats and possibly "jumping rope" till my knee is better.
  • Resume tracking food and enter it into Spark People.
  • Continue watching portion sizes and hopefully make better choices this week.
  • Drink MORE water!

To see everyone's stats, or report your own, head on over to Regina's!


  1. Good Job Jessica! You have a great plan!

  2. That's amazing! Good job!

    One more day left of my 7 day detox and I'm only down 3 pounds. Lots more work to do - I am aiming for 3 pounds a a week until the end of May.

  3. Great Job.. Jess. Thanks. I hope you don't mind me using your format! I am starting today! God bless!

  4. Awesome Jessica! I wish we lived closer so we could do daily walks, sigh.

  5. I drink more water when I make it "pretty." I cut up a lemon into wedges to keep in the fridge and then add them my water glass for encouragement. It helps get my attention and it's a nice refreshing change!

  6. Congrats on your progress so far! You've inspired me to check out the video your using...can you please share what "accessories" are needed for the workout (i.e.: weights, etc)

  7. I was going to suggest a Leslie DVD...I have a few of them and like them! She's Catholic also. Great job on the weight loss!!

  8. OK I'm In! My honey's picking up the "Walk Away the pounds" video from the library on his way home.
    Visit my blog today if you'd like to see my WoW Week 1 post.

    God Bless and hope you have a GREAT WEEK!

  9. Thanks everyone!!

    Amy ~ Your close enough for weekly walks!

    Cecilia ~ Not at all!

    Exspectantes ~ Good idea on the water... I will have to try that!

    April ~ All you need is a set of weights. I started with 3 pound weights and I am now using 5 pound weights... Use what works for you!


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