Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weight on Wednesday

It's back! Regina finally decided to start Weight on Wednesday once again. WoW sure helped me lose some weight last year when I was participating, but after being pregnant, and all the sweets I somehow justified during Thanksgiving and Christmas I gained it all back. So, I will be joining you Regina, and have my weight jotted down, all ready for next week... Anyone else what to join the torture fun?


  1. Somehow this is very appealing to me. Although having a SCALE would help, huh?!
    What is the info that would be helpful to make the decision to join in on the fun??

  2. I need to get a scale!

    On Sunday I actually started the Fast Track Detox diet for 11 far so good on the eating, but I've not weighed. I'm on day 4, so I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe next week, I'll join in on the WoW!

  3. Mary ~ WoW is basically just a group of us that weigh each Wednesday and report our loss or gain (not our actual weight) over at Regina's. It is fun, and motivating to have a loss to report! A scale does help, but I guess you could always participate with measurement (ie: inches lost) instead? I've done that at times too, when my weight loss was low, but I was losing inches instead. (I keep tract of both.)

    Aimee ~ Good for you! That detox is a tough one, I've done it before with great results, it's just SO hard!! You can join "WoW" whenever you'd like =)

  4. strickthrough NOT needed on torture, torture it is!!

  5. I'll do this. I just got back from my first workout at Curves, so this would be a great time!

  6. I have signed up to join the torture... next week. After we get home from this cruising around. I just ate a DELICIOUS Starbucks butter croissant, though. YUM! I bought one for my mom, too... and she isn't eating it. She said, maybe for breakfast. I am so terrible that I am considering eating hers as soon as she falls asleep!!! :) It was awesome... mmmmmm

  7. Thanks for sharing Elm, your are the best! ;)

    Actually I was doing awesome today -- weighed this morning, had a spinach salad for lunch, lots of water, stayed away from the sweets that seem to be everywhere, nearly killed myself on my first day of Jillian's 30 day shred video (and it was ONLY 20 minutes), but I couldn't help caving in when hubby brought home a Human Bean White Chocolate Mocha after work tonight for me... Why can't I ever turn those down??? :)

  8. I need to join in on this. I'm just starting to eat healthy again after the holidays and working on losing the weight. It will be nice to have some motivation to keep on track. As if losing weight wasn't enough!

  9. Juli, YOU SHOULD!! It is so motivating doing it all together, and having to be accountable... even if it is just posting online. :)


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