Thursday, January 15, 2009

Walking at the Track

Last spring I use to walk the track at the local Middle School with a friend, while our children played together... Unfortunately she moved, and I have just not been that motivated. However, yesterday, since we were in town already, we decided to go for it and check that off the list. It was so much fun and so nice to be out in the sun! I kept having to remind myself that it is still January!

We were all thrilled when 3 of my brothers showed up! (One of the benefits to living in a small town and coming from a big family!!)

They played with Captain and Rascal, and occasionally joined me and my stroller full of little ones.

Before long, Snuggles was fast asleep in his big sister's arms and I had made it around 8 times (2 miles).

Today is just as beautiful, so I am going to log off and head outside for some more sunshine. I am sure winter will be returning soon!


  1. What a contrast in posts from yours to most of us mid-westerner posts!!! (the weather)

    So glad you got out to walk, I bet it felt great!!!

    Also, I hope those vitamins work out for you, so glad you figured it out.

  2. I was thinking along the same lines... it was 9 degrees here (OH) when I just went to get groceries (we were out of everything when this winter storm hit!), and the wind chill is supposed to be -20 until Saturday! Enjoy your fresh air and sunshine! We'll be praying for you and that the vitamins will help tremendously as well.

  3. Sounds like the weather is just what the doctor ordered. Praise God! Teresa

  4. funny, i just read (after we spoke on the phone) in a magazine about vitamin d deficiency.
    tell paul to get a haircut (as usual, and tell him hi for me and that i in some weird way kinda miss him) ;)

  5. regan just came in and saw this pic and said 'hey, is that the track i think it is? yeah, i miss that track. remember we used to go walking with the g's'

  6. You're lucky it's nice enough to do this! I'm also impressed that you have the stamina to make yourself do it!


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