Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayer to St. John Bosco

O glorious Saint John Bosco, who in order to lead young people to the feet of the divine Master and to mold them in the light of faith and Christian morality didst heroically sacrifice thyself to the very end of thy life and didst set up a proper religious Institute destined to endure and to bring to the farthest boundaries of the earth thy glorious work, obtain also for us from Our Lord a holy love for young people who are exposed to so many seductions in order that we may generously spend ourselves in supporting them against the snares of the devil, in keeping them safe from the dangers of the world, and in guiding them, pure and holy, in the path that leads to God. Amen.

(Our plans for today are pretty much the same as last year, though I just might add a batch of Bachelor Buttons or this Twinkie Tiramisu for dessert! Yum!!)


  1. Jessica,

    I just LOVE your blog. We get so many great ideas from you, especially for celebrating and learning from the saints of the day.

    I have a question about your boys' liturgical notebooks. Are these two-pocket folders that they file their saint/religious-related work in? We've been accumulating so much craft work and I feel bad that much of it is being lost to my not having a good place to store it/go back to to admire it.

    We're about to have #5 here in March, and I often see your crew as what ours will be in a few years. We presently have two boys (6,5) and two girls (2.5, 1.5), and we're about to have a boy!

    Thanks again for your great blog!


  2. Thank you for the kind comment, Kelly!

    I use three ring binders and Clear Sheet Protectors for the boys Liturgical notebooks. That way we aren't punching holes (which tend to get torn out) and we can move them around if needed.

    Congratulations on your new one! That is wonderful! Our families ARE very similar!!

    God bless!


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