Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Octamom Award

Thank you Regan for this most delicious award!

Before I post the rules, for The Octamom Award, grab your chocolates!

1) You must eat a piece of chocolate in honor of accepting The Octamom Award.
2) You must eat yet another piece of chocolate when you put the award on your blog.
3) Try to go by and see the other good folks I'm going to put a link up for.
4) Feel free to add or subtract from the rules as suits your fancy...except that chocolate one...I must insist on that.

With that I am sending this on to the following bloggers:

Michelle and Michele
Christie, Christine and Christine
and to Sara, Sarah and Sarah

Oh, I could just keep going and going, so since it says I can, and since I don't want anyone to feel left out--- if you also want the award, leave your name and link in the comments and consider yourself awarded! Don't forget to eat the chocolate, it's a rule!!


  1. LOL... Well, good thing WOW starts tomorrow.. now where is that chocolate cake???

  2. diet started today - gonna have to decline the award! but thanks anyway :o)

  3. Shelly~ How could you start a diet today!?! It's the LAST day of CHRISTMAS!!!!

  4. LOL -- I was trying to figure out exactly what this award is about (besides treating people to a little bit of chocolaty goodness) :), and then it hit me: I so totally deserve this award!!! The original one is about how the Octamom never gets around to posting the awards she receives from others ... and I am sooooo guilty of that!!!

    I don't eat sweets, but I'll make sure my kids get some chocolate in my honor. You are so sweet!

    (And someday I may even proclaim to the world that, ages ago, you gave me the "I love your blog" award -- undeserved though it may be! :)-- and, of course, I love your blog, too!!!!)

  5. I'm with Eileen, I couldn't figure it out either...then thought this is perfect for my blog as It will take me forever to post the darn thing!!!

    No chocolate here either, I'll explain later. :)

    Thanks it's the perfect award for me!

  6. I think we are all guilty of that Eileen and Jamie!! It know I have a few "awards" out there that I never got around to posting, and probably never will! It doesn't mean we don't like receiving them, and they are great ways to let others know of some of our favorite blogs! =)

  7. I'm still lost . . . but thank you Jessica for including me. I ate several chocolates in honor of everyone!

  8. I will definitely eat the chocolate! :) Thanks for thinking of me.

  9. i must admit, i had to do some researching before i "got" what this award was for-besides just eating chocolate-i believe the original octamom was a mom to 8 kids and busy as she was, had awards she took forever to post-hence it became an award for "busy, yet great, moms to multiple children". make sense? =)

    ps. hope to see you post some pictures in a ball gown and jewels after all these awards you have been receiving!!! it must feel like oscar night!
    happy new year and GOD BLESS.

  10. Thank you, Jessica! :)
    If you'll excuse me, there are a couple little chocolate coins left from St. Nicholas Day that are calling to me.

  11. Thanks for the chocolate Jessica!


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