Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun at the Zoo

I don't have much time to post since I have been trying to get ready for Little Flowers tonight, but real quick, I wanted to tell you all to head over to Prosapia Vita and A Family Treehouse and check out the great pictures from both of their family's recent trips to the zoo.

My children have really been enjoying looking at their pictures and comparing them to our own since we have visited both of those zoo's (multiple times) in the past! I keep hearing, "OH! LooK!! We've been there!!" and "I remember crossing that cool rope bridge!" and "Mom, why didn't we see the elephant doing that?" ;) Hummm... Maybe it is time to plan another trip to the zoo...

Oh, and Elm is having a giveaway, so make sure to leave her a comment and say hello! Ok... I better go and finish getting ready for tonight!


  1. Thanks for the plug! I wondered why so many people were coming to my blog from Shower of Roses all of a sudden. Now I have seen the light! ;)

    We had a lot of fun at the zoo!

    (If Elm reads this, I enjoyed her post and laughed a lot but could not leave a comment for some reason.)

  2. Thanks for the ballyhoo recommending folks take a peak at our trip to the zoo... We did have fun and like to share!

    And, Aubrey - I'll check on why a comment couldn't be left. Hmmmmm.


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