Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chiquita's First Time...

... Ice Skating!!

Yesterday we took all of our children Ice Skating with our homeschool group. They all had so much fun!

At first we were just going to let the 3 oldest skate, but Chiquita kept telling hubby, "I want to skate too!!" Hubby asked her if she just wanted a ride in the stroller or if she wanted to put skates on and actually skate. Being the adventurous 3 year old that she is, she opted for the skates. All the walkers had already been rented, but since 5 and under are free and my sisters were skating and willing to help her, we let her anyway.

All Ready to Skate

"Watch me Momma"

Aunt Mary to the Rescue

Another child (who was done skating) gave her a walker.

Chiquita skated the whole session and had a blast!


  1. looks like so much fun! good for her

  2. We just had our first time too! Those walkers are brilliant - our rink didn't offer those. Your little girl is just too cute!!

  3. A walker is an awesome idea. That would have saved my back side when I was young. ☺

  4. She is gorgeous. I took our children roller skating in July and they kept falling over. I think they could have done with a walker too.

  5. The walkers really are a great idea, aren't they!!! =)


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