Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Cake Catastrophe

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's birthday memories! (Comments are still open, until midnight, if any one else wants to enter the drawing.)

My little sister Mary (who is now 16 and a twin) left one of her favorite birthday memories, and I wanted to share it with you all:
My favorite Birthday would have to be.................. The year we celebrated it with both us (me and Joann) and Jennifer at the same time! She had slaved away with sweat and tears all day on her cheesecake ..aka her favorite dish ever! And mom was carrying the cake over to the counter at that long-awaited time when everyone was eagerly waiting for the flames on the candles to be transformed into a room filled with smoke covered wishes.. Suddenly........CAAAAAA-PLOW! ....slip...silence...jaws dropped...hearts stopped... tears flew.... all within the instant this precious delicious unearthly cheesecake met its doom as it crashed and smashed into the wood floor filthy from uncountable kid's outside shoe footprints........the next note on happy birthday song met an immediate flat which ended it all.

Who knows whether the culprit was an untied shoe lace, a water spill on the floor, or just a pair of slippery socks that caused this horrible scene...but whatever it was... it sure made the other cake taste that much better! ;)

I think the reason this is my favorite birthday was the simple fact that everyone was there to celebrate it...all 12 kids... with their voice-gifted father and graceful mother. =oP All together to experience this unforgettable cake catastrophe! And that's the day that the "5 second rule" at the Murphy’s turned into the "10 second rule"...(allowing us to get at least half the cake into a bowl perfect for cake pudding with some candles mixed in here and there..)

Mary cracks me up!! Isn't she funny?

I remember that birthday party and the cake catastrophe! In FACT, I was sure that I had a picture or two around here somewhere, so I pulled out a couple old boxes and sure enough...

The first picture is of Jen and my Mom picking the cake up off the floor and placing it back on the stand, and the second picture shows the salvaged cake all lit up as we sang happy birthday to Jennifer. I can't tell if there are 19 or 20 candles on that cake... Anyhow, Jennifer will be turning 30 in March, since we are just 14mths apart. (OH, and there is Mary, so cute and LITTLE, peeking at the candles! :)

I even remember how it happened. My "graceful mother" didn't realize that the cake was still attached to the metal bottom of the springform pan and was just sitting on top of the glass stand. When she went to pull it out of the refrigerator that metal went sliding across the glass and flying across the room. It really did shock us all!

Oh, and THANK YOU all for the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful birthday!!


  1. What a creative sister you have and what a funny story.

    Where are the pictures from YOUR birthday though? Glad to hear you had a nice day. Happy belated birthday!

  2. That is such a funny story. I'm glad you shared those pictures.

  3. 2 questions:
    1~is that your spouse in the background?
    2~can the dress get any shorter ;)


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