Sunday, January 4, 2009

Advent Lap Book

I mentioned that during Advent my boys were each making an Advent Lap Book.

To prepare I purchased the wonderful Advent Faith Folder from Holy Learning (previously Faith Folders for Catholics) and printed out all the pages that the boys would need. I also picked up Purple File Folders from Staples.

The boys worked on their books a little bit each week during Advent.

Here are a few pictures of Rascal's finished lapbook, starting with the front cover. Images were provided to paste onto the cover, but Rascal decided to draw his own.

Here is a picture of the inside. In the middle, on the green extension page, there is an Advent calendar for keeping track of good deeds throughout Advent. I loved this, and so did the boys! They stayed busy doing many good deeds and then coloring in the boxes during Advent. On each side are mini-books shaped like candles, one for each week of Advent. These books include information about Advent, the Advent Wreath Prayers, Gospel Readings, and reflection questions for each week, as well as a couple blank pages for the boys to answer the questions.

On the back of the extension page is an Advent Reflections book. Each page has a question for the children to reflect on and answer. I loved that the download included different options for these pages. Rascal choose the blank pages and drew pictures of his answers.

Behind the extension, in the middle of the lap book are four more mini-books: Preparing for Christ, Saints and Feast Days for the Advent Season, Gifts for Jesus, and the Signs and Symbols of the Advent Season.

On the back cover is the Jesse Tree. I didn't get a picture of it, but there was also a scripture booklet to go along with the Jesse Tree! The cover also works as an envelope (see the green paper? it is only glued down on the sides), so the booklet can be stored inside!

This was such a great project, perfect for Advent!


  1. Jessica
    You are a great advertisement for Catholic lapbooks! I wasn't too sure whether it would suit so I didn't buy. Now I know:)

  2. I too thought about purchasing it when you first linked to it earlier this month, and I wish I had! It turned out wonderful!

  3. I can't wait to order some of these lapbooks, they are great!!

  4. Erin ~ You know, I use to own a phonebook, and I sold advertising for over 10 years -- I can't help promoting something, if I love it! ;)

    Milehimama ~ The great thing about the celebrating the liturgical year is that there is always next year!!

    Jamie ~ I too am looking forward to trying out another lapbook from them!

  5. Amazing folks!! This is probably the most intriguing posting I ever before looked over! Very helpful. Keep writing.

  6. Good work. Always keep posting!

  7. Hi Jessica, I linked back to you today in my post of Advent Lap books. I had just found your post today or I may have looked into Lapbooks for Catholics.


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