Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Visit with Santa

When we were at "The Farm" our children had the opportunity to visit with Santa, aka St. Nicholas. It was a first for them, and even though they knew that he wasn't THEE St. Nicholas, they really enjoyed it!

Santa, of course, asked each one of them what they wanted for Christmas. Rascal's response was the Playmobil Roman Arena, Twinkle Toes would really like a doll, and Chiquita said, "a present!!!! With a house for my little dollies inside!" CUTE!!!!

As for Captain, his response was "A book." Santa replied, "A BOOK! Which book?" Captain said, "A war book." Afterward, Santa told me that in all his years of being Santa Claus, he had never been asked for a book. =) He also said that when he asked Captain if he would like a candy cane, he replied, "No thank you." And that that was a first too. I'll have to see what we can do about that book. ;)

Snuggles didn't want anything to do with Santa... He preferred hanging out with his Auntie Julianna. That is, until she tried to put him on the pretend pony!


  1. where is this?? 'the farm' sounds cool, how come we never went??

  2. I don't blame Snuggles. I prefer Julianna to Snuggles anyday!

  3. Aww, how precious! Yeah, better get that book, lol.

  4. Last year, after standing in line for what seemed like forever at an old town pre-Christmas visit with Santa, my then newly 7yo listened to the children before her ask for laptops, cell phones, Xboxes and more. It came her turn, Santa asked her what she wanted, she leaned forward into the microphone and calmly answered, "Socks. It's all I need."
    Merry Christmas!


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