Monday, December 15, 2008

A Trip to "The Farm"

My brothers are spoiling us!! Not only did they surprise us with a tree this year, they also took us all to an indoor winter wonderland at "The Farm" this weekend! The lights were beautiful, and most of them (at least all the ones up high) were hung by my brother(s) -- who has an Artistic Lighting/Holiday Lighting business. There were 10 fun kid's play stations, festive Christmas music playing, Santa to visit with, and it even featured a petting zoo which included "Delilah," the deer that starred in the movie "Twilight"!

I am pretty sure that the little kangaroo was our favorite animal. The deer were freaking me out! I think that "Delilah" must have thought I was a bale of hay in my brown sweater... Every time I turned around she was nibbling on me!

The Farm wasn't that busy, which was really nice since we had such a BIG group including a whole bunch of my siblings (Paul, Brian, Julianna, Scott, JoAnn, Mary, Kevin and David), Brian's fiance Meghan, and our family of seven!

Here are some pictures from the evening:

~Milking Betsy, the Cow~

~ Grooming the Horses ~

~ Learning how to be a "pooper scooper" ~

~ Making Music ~

~ Roping ~

~ Playing in the Corn Box ~

~ The Petting Zoo ~

A few more of my favorites from our evening out:

L: The twins ~ R: JoAnn, TT, and Julianna

Mary, Me, Julianna, Meghan, and JoAnn
(It looks like Brian was trying to get all the lights in the picture... We were wondering what he was aiming at?!? lol!)

Chiquita with Uncle Brian and his fiance, Meghan

Snuggles with his Daddy and Momma

WOW! That was more pictures than I thought, and that is some of them! It's a good thing my camera died before we hit the rest of the stations, including the crafts, the carousel, and a few other things! I didn't even know that I had all these photos since my sisters were using my camera some of the time... I *did* get a few pictures of our children with Santa, but I'll have to post those later, my computer time is up, and I need to go and finish dinner!


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all! My little guy would have loved hanging out with your little guy . . . scooping stuff into a wagon. It's his favorite! :)


  2. My camera always dies before the end of things too, we both might have to get new batteries, right?

    Beautiful pictures, what a fun place to go!! Your family is wonderful!

  3. A real kangaroo how cool is that!

    My favorite is the corn sand box. My kids would love that. We need to get to more farms. My dad owns a game farm so we see deer and ducks.....but no kangaroos!

    Our neighbors have 2 llamas! They are cute.

  4. looks like that at the fairgrounds?

  5. What a neat experience! We have a cow like that at our local zoo (did you go to the zoo when you were here?), but nothing like this farm setup. Whoever designed this is brilliant!

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

  6. I am totally amazed and baffled how you are able to get everything that you do done! How on earth do you stay so organized and energetic?! The planning and purchasing of supplies, alone, is very time consuming...really, how do you stay on top of things and yet remain so cheery?

  7. Jamie ~ The worst thing is, I even have a black up battery, and I either forget to charge it, or never have it with me!! And you know what, after posting this I realized I had my little camera in my purse the whole time too!! :)

    Christine ~ There was a llama in the petting zoo here too!!

    Regina ~ Nope.

    Aubrey ~ YES!! We have seen your cow!! lol!! But it was closed this last trip. Prior to our first visit to the Omaha zoo a couple years ago, our oldest was always asking if we could take him to milk a cow sometime. (I'm not sure where he got that idea -- from the book Milk Makers maybe?) Anyhow, you should have seen his eyes light up when we walked into that building, even though it wasn't a real cow!! It was great!

    Amy ~ I'll email you.

    Danielle ~ Have I ever said anything about be organized or energetic?!?! ;) There is plenty that I *do not* get done, and I am not always cheery either. We all have our hard times!! Thanks for the compliment anyways! :)

  8. What a cool place! Looks like you all had a great time.


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