Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Poem From My Sis

My little sister is always writing beautiful poems. On Thanksgiving she gave my husband and I a poem that she had written for us.

Thank you Mary!

Christ is Always There

Who knows what God above has planned?
Holding the world in the palm of his hand.
Creator of all we touch, hear, and see.
Creator of all life, love, and beauty.
Knowing all things and to where they will lead.
Knowing our wants but granting our needs.
Though at times it’s hard for us to understand
Why God allows such things under His command.
We must keep in mind that despite how we feel,
Our God is all knowing with a love that can heal.
No matter our state in mind, soul, or heart.
The good Lord above is there from the start.
He knows all our thoughts and sees every tear.
He knows all our joys and our every fear.
God is all loving, all knowing, and all good.
He understands all that we never could.
Everyday we wish that we could have control,
But God alone can lead us to our ever-lasting goal.
Everyday we wish that we could change the past,
But God knows what He’s doing, that pain inside won't last.
Too often we forget Him, when dealing with a loss.
So often we forget our Lord who died upon the cross.
So much pain we go through, sometimes it’s hard to bare,
But we must not forget the crown of thorns he had to wear.
We fall into depressions and can’t see past the hurt,
But Christ is falling with us, three times he hit the dirt.
Sometimes life can deal such tragedy seeming so unfair.
But it always helps to know that Christ will never fail to care.


  1. You are so lucky to have such great sisters.

  2. truly a beautiful sentiment!
    and she really is awesome

  3. What a special poem and a special sister. :)
    Thanks for your sweet note on my old daybook. I haven't gotten around to putting up a daybook post in awhile either. We have all been sharing a cold. You know how that goes! I will be posting my holiday newsletter on my blog soon so maybe that will do for now.
    Take care... your Advent posts are great.

  4. Your sister writes beautiful poetry! I read the other one via Facebook (I think) about your nephew awhile back. Thank you for sharing this!


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