Monday, December 15, 2008

My Daybook ~ December 15th

FOR TODAY: December 15th, 2008

Outside my Window... there is a blanket of snow covering the ground! We woke up to snow for the first time this winter on Saturday morning, and it has been snowing each night since!

This is pretty rare for here, and although it does snow a few times each year, it usually isn't this early!

I am thinking... about the fact that this is the first time in just over 9 years that I have not been pregnant and/or nursing a baby. I don't know what to do with myself!

From the school room... The boys are still working on their Advent Lapbooks, which they are loving. We will also spend sometime finishing up all their English, spelling, phonics, etc, so we can take the next 2 weeks off.

I am thankful... for our fireplace/woodstove on these cold mornings.

From the kitchen... I have a pot of oatmeal simmering on the stove, leftover Santa Lucia bread, and a pot of coffee brewing. I think I will make a sauce for Spaghetti or Lasagna for dinner, and sometime this week, I want to bake a cake or cookies for St. Joseph. Oh, and remember that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are Ember days!

I am creating... a list of Christmas gifts that I still need to purchase or mail. I am *so* behind this year!

I am going... to mail some packages this week, and hopefully finish my shopping.

I am wearing... my jammies still, though I need to change soon since the tutor is coming this morning.

I am (still) reading... The Practice of the Presence of God. I am also finishing up Pierced by a Sword.

I am hoping... that my sister can come over today and help me put together our Christmas card. I still haven't done that... The past few years we have sent out the same one (from Costco) as a number of friends, and so we can make a custom one this year. Wish me luck!

I am hearing... little feet running up and down the hall, and many excited voices. My kiddos love the snow!

Around the house... I have so much to do this week to finish preparing for Christmas! I am hoping to be able to clean the house real well, and catch up on that never ending pile of laundry!

One of my favorite things... our new flannel sheets!! We finally bought a set, when Costco had a great deal on them, and they really make all the difference in the world on these cold winter nights!

A Few Plans For This Week...
  • The tutor will be coming today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, and then that will be it until next year!
  • Hubby's last day of work for the year is Thursday, and then he will have the next 2 weeks off!
  • Possibly take the kids roller skating with our home school group. We have ice skated many, many times, but I don't remember having ever taken my kids roller skating!
  • Friday my tutor will be baysitting so I can run errands, and do a bit of shopping! I am SO excited!!
  • I am also going to try not to take on too much... I don't say no enough, and my list of people that I need to say no to, is the same as Jennifer's! I don't know why I am always trying to accomplish more than is humanly possible.... Sheesh!!
A picture thought I am sharing:

Big Smiles :)

This was taken Saturday night at my brother's house, right before we took the kids to a place called "The Farm." It was planned at the last minute and we had SO much fun. I'll try and post pictures sometime this week.

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I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Beautiful picture----I love their dresses (in all the pictures!). Where do you get their clothes?

    Lucky you to get snow---we don't get much here in Hotlanta! The kids drag out the snowboards when there is frost on the ground!

  2. Thanks Sara!

    That's too cute about your kids sledding on the frost!

    Most of my girls clothes come from the sale racks at Gymboree. Their clothing is expensive, but they have amazing sales and coupons which make them quite affordable. Not to mention, the quality is amazing, and it is fairly easy to coordinate past lines with new lines. The dress my younger daughter is wearing is one of Twinkle Toes old dresses from last years Snowflake themed line. It's so much fun! Gymboree has the cutest dresses.

  3. SO happy. Good to see you smiling Jessica. You have 2 little sweethearts to smile about!

  4. Glad to see your daybook! The snow looks amazing. You just may have a white Christmas! It's freezing here but no snow yet.

    Oh, and having been not pregnant/not nursing for the last several months, I know what to do: drink lots and lots of caffeine, just for fun. When I'm sick, I take whatever medicine I want without worrying about passing it on to a child! Then, I always sit with my baby (toddler) on my lap and wish we were nursing again...*sigh* :)

  5. Aubrey ~ Caffeine isn't all I've been drinking. ;)

  6. What an adorable picture of you and the very sweet!

    Peace and joy as you continue your journey throughout the Holy Season...

  7. your girls look like dolls, well, all your kids are beautiful, but with such an abundance of boys over here, i am always in awe of little girls.....i keep hoping for another one!

  8. I'm still adjusting to the not pregnant and/or nursing for the first time in 13 years. Aubrey's medicine comment made me laugh. After 6 months, I still hesitate before taking medicine. On the the snow front, we had snow here in South Louisiana on Thursday morning. It was amazing and beautiful. We know other states laugh at us for the fuss that a couple of inches of snow causes here. I'm still in awe that we enjoyed such beauty and happiness from that same view that we watched a tree fall on our house 3 months ago with Hurricane Gustav. Today we are back in shorts. I hope you have a great Christmas. Wish me luck. I hosting my family this weekend and for the first time ever my husband's family (he's the youngest of 11) on Christmas Day.

  9. I loved Pierced by a Sword. Do you have the other two that go with it?
    Beautiful pictures. Your children are so adoreable!

  10. I do Juli! They are great books. I read them years ago, and just decided to pull them off my shelves to read again when I was looking for an easy read. :)

    Ellen ~ I will say a prayer for you that it all goes well. It sounds like fun!!!!

  11. I am new to the Catholic faith and was wondering what ember days are?

    What a great daybook. Gymboree one of my favorite places to buy clothes. Your girls look so sweet.

  12. Pamela ~ I have been Catholic my whole life, and although I had heard of ember days, I never really new what they were till the past few years. Here is a link to an excellent post that gives more information about them:

    God Bless!!


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