Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I just failed...

... at making Never Fail Fudge.

I made this same recipe for Christmas and it turned out SO GOOD that I decided to make a couple batches to take to the New Year's Eve Party tonight. However, for some reason, when I was reading the directions I read "Sweetened Condensed Milk" instead of "Evaporated Milk". {big sigh} As I tried mixing I realized my mistake and tried to correct it by scooping out what I could of the Sweetened Condensed Milk and adding Evaporated, since I didn't have the ingredients to start over. Both batches are done now and they still look delicious -- one is cholcolate & walnut, and the other is white chocolate topped with mini chocolate chips and peppermint pieces -- I just don't think they are going to set. Now I need to figure out what I can make instead, and I am RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!


  1. That is why I am stopping at the store first!!
    Seriously, I am so sorry!! I almost did the same thing earlier at Christmas. I bought one can of evaporated and one of condensed sweet. I didn't realize until I got home!! Luckily I found one lone can of evaporated in the back of a cabinet!

  2. aw, how sad. we wont be at this yrs party!! tell eveyone hi for us and that we miss them all and that we are sitting lonely at home tonight!

  3. Oh No!!

    Just curious, but how did it turn out? Did it set after all? If not, I prescribe a gallon of french vanilla ice cream and just stir a scoopful of that stuff in and enjoy! :)


  4. Regina ~ YOU WERE MISSED!!!! It really stinks that you all live so far away now.. :(

    Sarah ~ It still tasted just as good, though you did need a spoon to get it off the platter. It was more like frosting than fudge. :) Amazingly though, that didn't prevent it from getting eaten!

  5. This is such a funny story. Every year for almost 40 years my mom has made "Goof Proof Fudge." The first year I was married I tried to make it and I called her and said "Mom, I am the goof that goofed it up!" because it never turned to fudge. We used it for icing and it was the ultimate Dieter's Downfall--it was just decadent---but it wasn't fudge. I have never tried since, but my mom always shares hers. :)

  6. Kristyn ~ That is so funny! All of our fudge got eaten anyways, otherwise I was thinking it would have been super good spread on top of brownies! Next time I will be paying more attention to my cans of milk!

    I'm glad your mom shares with you! Fudge is one of my favorite desserts, but your right, a total Dieter's downfall. I have to get serious about losing weight after all the Christmas treats!!


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