Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Santa Lucia Day!


Our Santa Lucia's Braided Bread turned out delicious, the girls looked darling in their nightgowns and crowns, and they really enjoyed "waking" the (very awake yet cooperative) boys. Although it has already melted, we even woke up to our very first snowfall of winter! 

I've been busily painting more Wooden Saints (I need to hurry, since I would like to give the whole set to the girls with their Christmas Present), Snuggles is sleeping, and the rest of our kiddos are playing board games with their daddy. I love Saturdays!!! 

 So, what are you up to this weekend?

O glorious Santa Lucia, who combined the profession of faith with the glory of martyrdom, help us to openly profess the truths of the Gospel and to walk in faith according to the teachings of our Savior. 

 Oh Virgin of Syracuse, be thou the light in our life and the model for our actions so that, after following in thy footsteps here on earth, we can rejoice together with thee in the vision of our Lord. Amen.


  1. We are saving ours for after dinner tonight! The bread is rising right now! It looks like it is going to be delicious!!!
    Yours came out beautifully and the girls look so precious!

  2. They are lovely photos Jessica! The girls look beautiful.

  3. Those girls are just darling. My Peach wore her crown this morning with her bread, also!

  4. I just made mine with the kids. It looks great. Thanks for the recipe. Happy feast day!

  5. Jessica - that picture with the Daddy in the background in bed and the little saint Lucy approaching is soooo darling! I mean it, you really could have a book!

    As for us, it our homeschool 2nd annual Christmas play. Hopefully I'll post some photos soon.

  6. Your girls look so darling in those outfits! And that bread wreath is awesome! What a fun morning!

  7. Thank you everyone!! We sure had a lot of fun!

    +JMJ+ ~ I am looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  8. How very sweet! And such adorable crowns...God bless you, Jessica! What a delightful celebration of a very special Feast...

  9. Would you be able to recommend a good Liturgical year book? You have so many amazing ideas, and I am looking for a book to help me out with this in my home school. I can't come up with ideas on my own, but follow directions well!


  10. What neat plans for the feast day! I was happy to see all of the pictures!

  11. Teresa ~ You know, my favorite resource is actually other blogs! My hope is to someday be organized and actually print out and file the ideas in either a notebook or files... But I don't know if it will happen.

    As for an actual book, I love Cay Gibson's Catholic Mosaic, as well as the various books I have listed in my sidebar under: Liturgical Year Resources.

    One other (newer) great resource is here at this link:

    Erin is compiling many feast day activities on blogs into one location. It is very exciting!

    I hope this helps! God Bless!

  12. Then could you write a book? I'll be the first to buy it!! :)

  13. lol!! I am not good at writing, Teresa! :)

    You know, I totally forgot to mention the series: Celebrating the Faith in the Home. It too is a favorite of mine, and it is only available from Emmanuel Books.

  14. Your girls look so gorgeous...fabulous post


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