Friday, November 7, 2008

Little Flowers Girls' Club ~ November Meeting

With Thanksgiving later this month, I decided to hold our November Little Flowers' meeting at the beginning of the month, and so we had it last night! With the recent time change, it was dark before we even left home, and I noticed that the girls were much more mellow than last month. Even though it was late, I think they all still had a great time, just the same!

As the girls arrived, I had them all start right in on their coloring. Since, the girls all have their member's guides now (and since I couldn't find an extra picture of St. Agnes), I decided to print out Waltzing Matilda's beautiful St. Therese coloring page for them to add to their notebooks.

Chiquita cracks me up, her St. Therese is on the bottom right??

Once all the girls arrived, we started the meeting with a few prayers, a review of last months virtue and saint. Beads went into the jar for all the completed assignments. Then I introduced the virtue we will be working on this month, Love of God, and read a biography of the saint for this month, St. Agnes.

The girls learned that the name Agnes means Lamb, and we also discussed how Jesus is called the "Lamb of God" and how "Holy Mass is, indeed, the love of Jesus on the altar."

To further discuss Love of God, I used the Chapter 11, Lesson 34 (On Virtue) in Chat's With God's Little Ones. I love this book since it guides the teacher through a discussion with the child asking them questions. Here is a little except from that section (after we talked about sin and how to avoid sin):
Do you think that the best way to keep from doing sins is to do everything for the love of Jesus? (yes). Can you think of some things that you can do for love of Jesus? (play, pray, work, study). Is Jesus always with you when you do these things? (yes). Would it be good to often remind ourselves that Jesus is with us? (yes). Do you think Jesus likes it if we say many times, "I love You"? (yes). Do you think He likes it if we say, "I am doing this for love of Thee"? (yes). If we do everything for love of Jesus, do you think that we will try to do what pleases Him? (yes).

This month's flower was the peony and so we discussed how we can see the beauty of God's creation in flowers. The girls (and I!) learned from one of the other moms that peony's are HUGE flowers and they can remind us just HOW MUCH God loves us!

We then moved on to the craft, another page for our notebooks. I printed out an image of St. Agnes, and typed up a few quotes for the girls to use, including the invocation to St. Agnes, the memory verse of the month, another quote out of the Catholic Girl's Guide. They also got a sheet of purple card stock, some pink construction paper, white and pink hearts, and a Martha Stewart flower "peony" embellishment (they are actually gardenia stickers, but they similar enough! sshhhh!)

Here is the link to my document and the page that I put together as a sample:

They all did such a great job!

Don't you agree?!?

Amy was in charge of snacks this month, and I was so excited that she was willing to bring Lamb (of God) Cupcakes.

The girls each got a frosted cupcake, and got to decorate it with the marshmallows and chocolate chips themselves.

They LOVED it!

Two of the girls just got home from a trip to France and Germany! They were able to visit Lourdes, as well as see the incorrupt body of St. Catherine of Laboure at the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal in France! They brought back, and passed out, Miraculous Medals from the shrine to each of the girls!!! We will have to have them tell us more about this visit, when we study St. Catherine in March!

I passed out an extra credit activity that I found online, Four Ways I can Grown in God's Love, that the girls could do at home this month and earn bonus beads to add to the jar. (When the jar is full the girls earn a surprise!)

Here is the group photo. Four of the girls were unable to come this month, and were missed. I'm looking forward to seeing you all next month! :)

Saint Agnes, pray for us, that we may love God as your life has taught us, Love of God's a theological virtue.

Saint Therese, the Little Flower, pray for us!


  1. That looks like so much fun and I loved the Lamb of God cupcakes! What lovely memories you are making for these girls!

    You know, Shortcake, my little brown-haired, brown-eyed girl was also obsessed with coloring things brown. Some of her pics from that age look very similar to Chiquita's!

  2. I KNOW Punky had a WONDERFUL time. She sang the Bible verse the WHOLE way home!!! So many GREAT memories~

  3. You always do such a wonderful job! The girls just love their meetings so much. I meant to tell you last night that I loved the little chat thing and wanted a peek at the book. My mind is such a sieve though here lately, lol. So I am glad for the link!
    Thank you Jessica so much for all you do! I know it must be hard, especially right now, but you are doing an AWESOME job!

  4. Thanks everyone! I am glad to hear the girls had a nice time.. I know my girls did :)

    Amy ~ I love Chat's With God's Little Ones. It is a wonderful book!

  5. I loved the peek into how a Little Flowers meeting could be run - thank you!

  6. Great mtg! y'all have got it going on!

    I swear, everytime i see TT I'm looking at "Jesus of Nazareth"...those STUNNING, PIERCING eyes!!

  7. This is such an adorable club. Are your sons involved in anything similar?
    In addition, I would love to hear a blog entry by you about Catholic Children's Music and what are the best choices.
    God Bless.

  8. Seeing your lovely photos really makes me sorry our Little Flowers group dissolved. How beautifully organized and what lovely memories you're weaving for these sweet girls...

  9. We are sad that we missed it... It is no fun to feel crummy!! :)

    Hoping to join you all for the fun next month!

  10. I know they're not, but your little girls have such outstanding features it's as if they were wearing make-up...just naturally striking! (And I used to work as an agent!)

    I love that lamb of God cupcake. YOu always have the best ideas.

  11. Beautiful girls...and what a wonderful time. You mamas do such a good job. How blessed those little girls are.

  12. cute girls and good times! i'm craving a cupcake!

  13. Megan ~ I am so behind in answering questions!! I apologize! My boys were in Blue Knights the past two years and really enjoyed it! The group took a break this year, and hopefully next year we will have it again. It is put out by the same company as Little Flowers.


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