Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday ~ Oh Baby!

**This little photo was taken last Wednesday afternoon, after ironically posting about Preggie Pops and Spices the night before... Little did I know that I would be needing them so soon! :)


  1. wow, i had no idea!!
    how awesome.
    congrats on another one!

  2. Really? For some reason I recall you being the one to talk me into loading *FIVE* kids into the car, to make the trip to town, to buy the test last Wednesday... And then bugging me *ALL WEEK* to post about it! Or am I mixing you up with another Regina? LOL! ;)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Jessica! May God continue to bless your growing family. Being a family of eight is great! Although, I have to admit that I am looking forward to "officially" being a family of nine in a couple of weeks.

    You and baby will be in my prayers!

  4. WoooHooo! GREAT and blessed news, God bless you all, especially the babe!

  5. That was my first thought when you blogged the other day that you needed prayers for being tired and under the weather! Lol!


  6. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you.

  7. well, now that others have left such nice comments i can say how i really feel:
    wow, 6 mouths to feed, that's a lot.

    boy, youve got your hands full.

    what, do you own a daycare?

    my, youre only have a lot of fertile years left.

    and leaving the best for last: havent you figured out how that (pregnancy) happens?

    luv ya

  8. I have heard that last one, Regina, so many times -- from strangers even! The lady who bought our couch even dared say, "You know what causes that, right?" I smiled, sweet little Catholic lady that I am ;), and said, "Yeah, and we are really good at it."

    I am so happy for you Jessica! And don't forget that if you need ANYTHING you call me. I mean it, you hear?

  9. Great Big Congrats on the baby news!!

  10. Oh, Jessica!!! How absolutely, positively, definitely, beyond wonderful!!!!

    And believe it or not, at the ripe ol' age of 44, I'm jealous...

    May God bless you and keep you, praying that our Lady will wrap you in Her mantle and protect you throughout this pregnancy.

    BTW...I did wonder about the Preggie Pops. In a large, traditional, Catholic family it's always just a matter of time!!


  11. i so enjoy reading your blog! Congratulations on your next blessing!

  12. I thought so! I just recently found your awesome blog and thought I had missed the post about you being pregnant. Congratulations!

  13. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

    I knew the other day when you asked because you were still sick!!!

    It's a good sick, the best kind of sick!!! I'm so happy for you and the kiddos too!!

    God Bless you and baby!

  14. Regina: Here's my favorite one, "Are you done?"

    You know Jessica, we are totally kidding right?

    I want as many as you!

  15. Hi! I am a daily reader of your blog and posted a few comments here and there....
    Congrats on the pink double line! yipee :)
    If you need any advice-ha ha- (since from your can give me and others lots!!)---we just had our 6th baby 3 weeks ago-our oldest is almost 8--so I totally understand!
    overwhelming? yes
    scared? yes
    in awe? yes
    but what a God given miracle!
    BTW- my first 4months- i felt awful and i pray you do not! but if you do-again, I understand!!
    God bless.
    p.s. How did the kids react? and how did you tell them?

  16. I can't even count that high.


    Congratulations! If anyone can do it, you can!!!☺ Love you!

  17. I am SOOOO glad it is not a SECRET anymore!!! MANY BLESSINGS AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  18. Thank you everyone!!

    Yes, the "secret" lasted about 2 days. In fact, it was only a day before we told our kids.

    The funny thing was, I think they already knew. Coming home from town last Wednesday (the day I found out) Rascal said, "Mom, you've been sick a lot lately, do you think you are going to have another baby?" I said, "Maybe! I guess we will see... Do you want me to have another baby?" To which they all replied "YES!!!!" And Twinkle Toes added, "I really want you to have a baby girl so I can have another sister!" (She has been saying that ever since we were in the doctors office for my ultrasound and the tech said it was a boy -- she responded, "Momma, next time can we have a girl?" The tech had a look of shock on her face! It was funny!) Anyway, after that they started noticing every time I got sick, and said at dinner, "Mom, are you sure your not pregnant? You've been throwing up a lot and your not sick!"

    So, we gave in and told them, but then told them that it was a "secret." I am horrible at keeping my pregnancies a secret, but hubby wanted to, so we thought we would try.

    The next day after Mass, hubby told Father and a couple friends the news. Rascal glared at him from across the table and then got up and walked over and said, "Daddy, since you told Father our secret, can I tell my friends?" (pointing to his two little friends across the table). Hubby said sure. The "secret" was out! :)

    I am considered "high risk" for my pregnancies, and I have been sick, so I would really appreciate any prayers you all can send my way!

    God Bless!

  19. Well, I guess I get to say, "told you so" ;-) Glad you have a lovely reason to be sick, God bless preggie pops and that precious gift!! Hugs to you sweetie and congrats xxoo

  20. Congratulations and God Bless! I'm happy to keep you in my prayers!

  21. Congratulations! May the Lord bless you with a Happy and Healthy Nine Months!


  22. Wow! that's wonderful! Congrats to you and your beautiful family.

    you feeling okay? I'll be praying for you dear!

  23. Congrats Jessica...we are rejoicing (and napping) here because of two pink lines too!

  24. Congratulations!! (I love your blog Jessica, sorry I'm such a lurker. :) You'll be in my prayers for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  25. Hip-Hip-Hooray!
    Congratulations. :)

  26. *Gasp* Oh, I'm so glad I dropped in to see what's been going on!!!

    What wonderful news! Congratulations!

    Grinning from ear to ear,

  27. I'm going to be an aunt again! 8th time!!!!!! =D The excitement never wares off!!! =)
    Jessy, Congrats! I am so happy for you and sean!
    I love love love having you as my sister, and sean as my brother in law.....and of course those 5 amazing kids of yours make the perfect nephews and neices.... no joke.
    I love you Jessica!
    I'll keep you in my prayers! (along with the little one!!)
    I wonder if twinkle toes will get her wish ;)(girl maybe?)
    who knows........oh yea God Knows..and speaking of which may He continue to Bless you =)

    Love your sister ~

    God Bless

  28. Regina and Jessica, one of my favorites said by my fathering in law--"That's what you get for laying on your back!" Crude, I know. Funny, yes!

    I'm also glad this isn't a secret anymore. Regina tried to pass this picture off as her own pregnancy test to trick me.

    Jessica, many congrats to you and Sean. Just think, another gorgeous child to bring into this world! You two make beautiful children!

    I pray you feel better soon.

  29. Congratulations!! How exciting! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  30. God bless you all and the new miracle!!! This is such a great joy thank you for letting us experienced it too!!!!

  31. OH MY!!! WOW JESSICA!!!!

    This is awesome!!! I am sooo excited for you :)

    What a wonderful blessing for you and your family...I know that God has blessed you with a wonderful family and loves giving you the gift of bringing more souls to him!

    I am so happy!!


  32. You know how when ladies are around each other long enough, their cycles tend to merge? Well, in this blog world it's like one pregnant woman after another. I'm just wondering when the surprise will be on me! (not trying, but obviously open)

    So congratulations Jessica! I am so happy for you and your openness to life.

    And watch out all readers - you may be next!

  33. How on earth did I miss this post yesterday? Congratulations again! So this is how you get 36 comments on one entry...hmm...

    I laughed at Regina's comment; we've heard all of those and we only have four! The one that missed posting on here was, "Boy, you're brave," said with the look of trepidation, especially when they follow up with, "Do you want more?" and I say, "I hope so!" I cannot believe what people will say!

    We'll pray for a healthy baby, pregnancy, and delivery!

  34. Wonderful news!! I am so glad that I checked my Reader.

  35. congratulations. If you have a girl, you have had the same order as us.

    Many prayers for a healthy nine months.

  36. Such wonderful news!! Congratulations!


    How blessed you are! I will keep you and your family in our prayers. Our Mother is faithful, and I know she will wrap her arms around you and your precious baby.

    I just found your blog today and have been snooping around. :) You are are such an inspiration to me!

  38. Congratulations, Jessica! How exciting for your whole family! May God continue to bless you all!

  39. God bless you and your family, Jessica! What great news! :) Heather

  40. Congratulations! Baby news is always great news! You are blessed.

  41. I just saw this! Congrats!!!!!!!

  42. Congratulations, Jessica!!!! I'm so happy for you. You are in my prayers.


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