Friday, October 24, 2008

St. Francis of Assisi Costume

The other day Jamie asked for any suggestions on how to make hair for St. Francis. Since Snuggles will be using my little brother's old St. Francis costume this year (for St. Anthony), Jamie motivated me to make a new hair piece. (My brother had one, but it would be close to 20 years old now, and the elastic was so not stretchy anymore... Plus, I loaned it to someone a couple years ago, and it is gone.)

I used a piece of Faux Fur from my boys dress up bin, a Black Headband, and hot glue.

If I was to make it over, I would stretch the band a bit as I was gluing it on, to make sure I made it big enough, but thankfully it fit Snuggles (big head and all!) perfectly! Sewing it on would probably be a better option, and would probably stretch better, but I am so much better with glue! ;)

He usually doesn't like wearing hats, so I wasn't sure if he would keep it on, but he loves it!

What do you think?? Does it look ok? I think I may trim it a bit to make the "hair" a little shorter. It isn't the perfect type of fabric, but it was all I had...

One of my boy's friends had a super adorable Saint Francis costume last year. His Hair was made from Faux Fur Fabric as well, and sewed in a circle to lay on top of his head. He also had a beard.

For another option, last year we actually had a few children show up with *REAL* tontures! It was awesome!! Their parents didn't actually shave their hair off, but they buzzed it really short, and then buzzed the rest off the next day. I wish I could find a picture!

Update: You can find another picture of our youngest son as St. Francis here. Folkmanis Finger Puppets work great for the animals!


  1. Thanks Jessica!!! I'm going to have to check the fabric dept at Walmart...but if that doesn't look right, since my son has dark hair, he agreed to actually cutting it, if I promise to cut it when we get home!! Not sure if I have the guts to do it!! (I'd only buzz it, but he has not had it buzzed in a year, he's been wearing it in a typical "boy cut")

    Thanks Jessica, you are so great!!

  2. I think you should do the buzz cut!! I can't wait to see photos! :)

  3. YOUR CHILDREN ARE SOOOO ADORABLE! I love the song videos, and I think Chiquita is doing great for a 3yo! Snuggles looks great with his tonsure... I may have to run out and get some of that fake fur today. The eyeliner sounded like a good idea, but I just realized that I'll have to scrub it all off tonight after the party...hmmmm.

  4. Awww! He looks so cute!! I can't wait to see your kids costumes this year!

  5. you could get a brown or black winter hat/doo-rag and then cut off the top or put a white/tan paper circle on top.


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