Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Shower of Roses

We had so very much fun celebrating the feasts of St. Therese last week! I knew I wouldn't be able to get to everything I planned, but we sure had fun trying!

Here are the highlights of our celebration at home:

Anniversary Roses from Hubby

Homemade (French) Crepes and Mini Éclairs

Chocolate Roses

Excellent Audios and Videos

A hand painted Wee Wooden St. Therese

Beautiful Coloring Pages of St. Therese

Strawberry Rose Cupcakes

Delicious Rose Wine in our wedding champagne glasses!

Paper Roses placed near our St. Therese relic

Rosy Punch

Rose Petal Coconut Cake

My happy children... My "Shower of Roses!"


  1. I'm so impressed! What a lot of fun you must have had last week.

  2. How beautiful! Your children are sure to remember her feast day as something very special.

  3. My daughter wants to spend St. Therese's feast day at your house next year. Such a perfectly pink party...Sunshine is soooooo there!

  4. What a joyful family memory and meaningful tradition. So many great ideas and certainly so many smiles from heaven!

  5. Exquisite, Jessica!! What a lovely, "rosy" celebration for your wee ones...thank you for sharing with us!

  6. This is so beautiful, Jessica! Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures of your celebration. St. Therese must be very pleased :-)

  7. Ohhhh! I love it love it love it!! Thanks so much for sharing! Thank you also for the kind note you left on my blog. Please tell us more about your relic. I have a thid-class relic on a St. T. chaplet.

  8. Looks like so much fun! They all look so adorably happy in the last picture... but how can one not look happy when there is a cake in front of them?

  9. Charlotte, she is more than welcome! :)

  10. Nancy ~ It is a 1st Class Relic (a tiny piece of one of her bones) that was given to us by my brother-in-law! We are so blessed to have it in our possession, especially since she is a favorite saint in our home, and has been very instrumental in our lives.

  11. Looks like you enjoyed your celebration. My kids would love to live at your house!

  12. OH, it is so beautiful to see it all put together! You did a wonderful job of everything!

    My littlest has the same purple jammies as your daughter!

    *I love those rose cupcakes! Beautiful!


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