Monday, October 6, 2008

My little snuggly baby...

... has been too busy to snuggle lately!

This all happened within a couple hours...
I can't keep up with him! ;)

**And yes, that is the same bruise from 3 weeks ago... I think he permanently dented his head!


  1. I love how intently he is looking at the cards! Another smart one...

    God bless, this is a precious time.

  2. Happy Feast of the Holy Rosary! My baby boy is ONE YEAR OLD today... hard to believe! I had to laugh, because he also has discovered the joys of unrolling our toilet paper as well, and his sisters' cards have long since been scattered and corners chewed. He's also figured out how to take the batteries out of the cordless phone. It is a precious time, exhausting at times, but very precious! God bless you!

  3. Too cute! Happy Feast of the Holy Rosary! Thank you for sharing the cupcake Rosary on Catholic Cuisine.

  4. So funny! That's more how my kids are not yours!☺

  5. he and {s} would get along great...hanging by the toilet all day

  6. HA! Mari bumped her noggin right in the same place earlier this summer. The bruise lasted forever until I realized that she has sort of a permanent bump under her skin. I'm pretty sure she has a dent in her skull with some scar tissue build up to boot. Good thing that's the hardest part of their head, right?

  7. Oh my goodness, what a stinker! It seems like it's all a mom can do to keep up with her kids some days. While I'm cleaning up one mess, there's two more messes being made! One time, when Morgan was little, she put a WHOLE BOX OF WET WIPES into the toilet and attempted to flush them. My uncle (we were renting from him) had to come and pull up the toilet, remove the mess, and reinstall it. A week later we had to call the sewer guy anyway! That's how she earned the nickname Mischief. They're so cute when they're ornery.


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